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<head>   <!-- Change the title -->   <title>Thank you for purchasing Born to Be Wild Biker Outfit for M3</title> </head> <Body> <!-- Change the Picture--> <img src="pics/BackDesigns.jpg" align=left> <!-- Change the Artists --> <h1><a href="" target="_blank">DAZ Productions and Will Dupr&eacute; , MAB</a></H1>   <!-- Change the title -->   Thank you for purchasing the Born to Be Wild Biker Outfit for M3. <hr> <br>   <!-- Change Text here -->   In "WillsMind" of your Figures library and "Mat WillsMind P4, Mat WillsMind PP" of your Pose Library and "WillsMind" of your Props Library you will find new icons for loading the product.<br><br> Required Products: Michael 3.<br> For a complete product listing you can view the text file: <A HREF="ProductLists/bornwildM3LIST.txt">BornwildM3LIST.txt</A>   <br><br> This product uses MAT Pose files for changing the Material Settings.In all cases, "P4" will refer to Poser 4 and "PP" will refer to Pro Pak. Poser 4 users may need to convert several bump maps from .jpg files to use the P4 files properly. Please see <a href=""></a> for more information on Your Poses library and MAT files. <br> <br> <strong>Artist's Notes:</strong><br> <br> On the models: <br> Michael 3 contains joint fitting morphs on several of the figures body parts, the biker pants and Jacket both contain morphs which conform to several of these JCM'snamely the knee bend morphs and the collar bend Morphs. these morphs should adjust automaticly in p4 becouse of the crosstalk effect, if you use a null loader this effect may not take place and these morphs may have to be set manually. In Poser 5 the crosstalk effect has been eliminated which makes it impossible to make clothing JCM's automaticly conform to those on the figure. in P5 these morphs must be adjusted by hand and for that reason I have included Master controls for those morphs in the body of the clothing figures. <p>The new gloves have been designed to be very snug, for that reason as well as the naturally extreme flexibility of the finger joints It was impossible for me to design the gloves to avoid Poke through, therefore for the conveniance of you My customers I have included a transparency Mat file for the Mike 3 figure's hands this mat pose must be applied to the figure only after applying skin textures as skin texture mat poses will reverse the transparency.</p> <p><br> On textures:<br> Texture Mat Poses are available to work with all the current Poser programs.</p> <p>For poser 4 use the mat poses in the MAT WillsMind P4 library folder. You will have to let Poser change the .JPG bump map into a .BUM file. By loading the jpg in the Material editor bump channel at that point poser 4 will prompt you to change the file.</p> <p>For ProPack use the mat poses in the MAT WillsMind Library folder. These files differ from the p4 files in that they don&#8217;t ask for a bum file as ProPack uses jpgs for bump directly.</p> <p>For P5 you can also use the mat poses in the MAT WillsMind Library Folder. The pose files in this folder contain Poser 5 Material Tree information which connect the textures to the proper nodes. </p> <p>A few words about my node choices. For bump I chose to use the displacement node as I feel it creates the most realistic results in the firefly renderer. For proper rendering of the displacement maps you will have to go into your render options make sure Use displacement maps is checked and set minimum displacement bounds to .5<br> For the Metallic Items I did not set my reflective materials to a ray traced material setting though you may choose to do so if you are so inclined. But you must set at least one light to ray tracing to get any effect that way.</p> <br> <br><br> See this site for further technical support questions or concerns: <a href=""></a> <br><br> Thank you and enjoy your new products! <br><br> <a href="" target="_blank"><img src="pics/dazlogo.gif" border="0"></a> <br><br>   <b>DAZ 3D Tech Support Team</b> <br>1350 E Draper Parkway <br>Draper, UT 84020 <br>Phone:(801) 495-1777 <br>FAX:(801) 495-1787 <br>TOLL-FREE 1-800-267-5170   </body>