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Woodland Realm Playset One

Product: Woodland Realm Playset One
Created By: Anton Kisiel

Product Information

In “Environment” of your Figures Library and “Environment” of your Light Library you will find new icons for loading the product.

  • Light Set is located in “Enviornment” Light Folder
  • Playset is located in “Enviornment” Figures Folder

Product Notes


  • Keep Camera “mm” under 40 to avoid “postage stamp” look
  • Use included Light set or DAZ Global Light Sets only
  • Render with shadows for realism


  • all Plants use a square template
  • Background wall tiles horizontally 4 times using one sealmess texture
  • Ground is tiled into 4 pie slices using one seamless texture
  • See default textures for dimensions and appropriate sizes

If using same size ratio as default textures, do not save at better than 70% quality. Saving better than 70% quality will make no difference and will waste resources and slow rend times.


Visit our site site for further technical support questions or concerns:

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