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Underworld Realms Playset 1 - Falling Bridge


Thank you for purchasing the Underworld Realms Playset 1 - Falling Bridge.

In “Falling Bridge” of your Camera library and “Falling Bridge” of your Pose Library and “Falling Bridge” of your Props Library you will find new icons for loading the product.

For a complete product listing you can view the text file: FallingbridgeLIST.txt

This product uses MAT Pose files for changing the Material Settings.In all cases, “P4” will refer to Poser 4 and “PP” will refer to Pro Pak. Poser 4 users may need to convert several bump maps from .jpg files to use the P4 files properly. Please see for more information on Your Poses library and MAT files.

- Props will load properly by themselves, but for ease of use it's best to load up the 'Set Figure' first and THEN load the props. The props will then smart-prop to the Set Figure (which does not render) so that you have a handle to hold everything with. Additionally, you can scale everything at once by scaling the set figure, as the arrangement is designed to propagate the scale changes to the Set Figure's children.
- Another reason to use the Set Figure – it allows you to use the provided MAT poses. A MAT pose cannot be applied to a normal prop unless that prop is parented. The only workaround for this – making props actors – has the draw- back that such actor-props, if smartparented, will sometimes lock up Poser 4 if the parent figure is deleted, as they essentially wind up counting as a seperate figure.

- The included omnidirectional lights come as 'Off' individual omnis or as pre-set colours in sets of 4. The 'Off' omnis will work in Poser 4 and Pro-Pack, but many users have reported that Dodger's Pseudoomnidirectional Light figures do not work properly in Poser 5 due to the anti-crosstalk kludge. The pre-set light sets should work fine in P5. 4) The omnidirectional lights are *not* smart-parented to the Set Figure (they are actually figures of an odd sort). You can set the figure parent to the Set Figure or to any prop (i.e., a globe or a column). The omnidirectional lights all start with 'Z' to sort them to the bottom of the library folder.
- It is assumed that the factory default position of the Poser Main Camera faces 'north' for the purposes of this set model's direction indicators. For reference, using Poser's dial parametres, North is Z-, South is Z+, East is X+, and West is X-.
- The Inverted Cliff is meant as an accessory cliff face for when you are angling the camera in such a way that the edge would be seen. Two poses are provided to position the cliff. The non-inverted cliff is assumed to be the one to which the bridge is fastened (and the bridge is built for it). The models are identical except that the Inverted Cliff is mirrored on the X axis and the UV co-ordinates are mirrored back again.
- Four utility MAT poses for the cliffs themselves are also provided. These MAT poses – Trans and Untrans for North and South walls – make the wall they refer to (the vertical section above the floor onto which the bridge fastens, for the referred direction) become transparent and not render. This allows you more camera angle options.
- The other MAT poses included change the materials of the globes and the flames. The glowing-material and glass globe MATs turn off the shadow-casting of the globes, while the solid materials turn the shadow-casting back on. This allows the globes to be loaded, set to glowing, and then the omnidirectional lights used in the same place without the globes snuffing out the cast light.
- The flames have a number of morphs on each to simulate flickering, wind, and other animation variations.
- The flames and globes were not intended to be used simultaneously.
- A number of camera poses are included for common shots or starting points for shots of the set.

* File List


———————————————————– \Runtime\Geometries\DodgerSets\fallingBridge\

———————————————————– \Runtime\Geometries\lights\

———————————————————– \Runtime\libraries\camera\Falling Bridge\

About to Cross.cm2
About to Cross.rsr
Birds Eye.cm2
Birds Eye.rsr
E to W Down.cm2
E to W Down.rsr
E to W Up.cm2
E to W Up.rsr
Game Map.cm2
Game Map.rsr
Last Glimpse.cm2
Last Glimpse.rsr
Lurkers View.cm2
Lurkers View.rsr
N to S.cm2
N to S.rsr
NE to SW.cm2
NE to SW.rsr
NW to SE.cm2
NW to SE.rsr
Peering Over.cm2
Peering Over.rsr
S to N.cm2
S to N.rsr
SE to NW.cm2
SE to NW.rsr
SW to NE.cm2
SW to NE.rsr
Teetering on Brink.cm2
Teetering on Brink.rsr
W to E Down.cm2
W to E Down.rsr
W to E Up.cm2
W to E Up.rsr
———————————————————– \Runtime\libraries\Pose\Falling Bridge\

Inverted Cliff East.pz2
Inverted Cliff East.rsr
Inverted Cliff West.pz2
Inverted Cliff West.rsr
MAT Flame Default.pz2
MAT Flame Default.rsr
MAT Flame Eldritch.pz2
MAT Flame Eldritch.rsr
MAT Globe Chrome.pz2
MAT Globe Chrome.rsr
MAT Globe Copper.pz2
MAT Globe Copper.rsr
MAT Globe Default Stone.pz2
MAT Globe Default Stone.rsr
MAT Globe Eldritch.pz2
MAT Globe Eldritch.rsr
MAT Globe Glass.pz2
MAT Globe Glass.rsr
MAT Globe Golden.pz2
MAT Globe Golden.rsr
MAT Globe Icy Glow.pz2
MAT Globe Icy Glow.rsr
MAT Globe Sallow.pz2
MAT Globe Sallow.rsr
MAT Globe Smooth White.pz2
MAT Globe Smooth White.rsr
MAT Trans North Wall.pz2
MAT Trans North Wall.rsr
MAT Trans South Wall.pz2
MAT Trans South Wall.rsr
MAT Untrans North Wall.pz2
MAT Untrans North Wall.rsr
MAT Untrans South Wall.pz2
MAT Untrans South Wall.rsr
———————————————————– \Runtime\libraries\props\Falling Bridge\

! ! Set Figure.pp2
! ! Set Figure.rsr
Cliff Inverted.pp2
Cliff Inverted.rsr
Column NE.pp2
Column NE.rsr
Column NW.pp2
Column NW.rsr
Column SE.pp2
Column SE.rsr
Column SW.pp2
Column SW.rsr
Flame NE.pp2
Flame NE.rsr
Flame NW.pp2
Flame NW.rsr
Flame SE.pp2
Flame SE.rsr
Flame SW.pp2
Flame SW.rsr
Globe NE.pp2
Globe NE.rsr
Globe NW.pp2
Globe NW.rsr
Globe SE.pp2
Globe SE.rsr
Globe SW.pp2
Globe SW.rsr
Z Omni NE.pp2
Z Omni NE.rsr
Z Omni NW.pp2
Z Omni NW.rsr
Z Omni SE.pp2
Z Omni SE.rsr
Z Omni SW.pp2
Z Omni SW.rsr
Z Omnis Blacklight.pp2
Z Omnis Blacklight.rsr
Z Omnis Green.pp2
Z Omnis Green.rsr
Z Omnis Icy.pp2
Z Omnis Icy.rsr
Z Omnis Mercury.pp2
Z Omnis Mercury.rsr
Z Omnis White.pp2
Z Omnis White.rsr
Z Omnis Yellow.pp2
Z Omnis Yellow.rsr
———————————————————– \Runtime\textures\DodgerProps\

———————————————————– \Runtime\textures\DodgerSets\fallingBridge\


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