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The Dress Headpiece for Victoria 3.0

Product: TheDRESS Headpiece for Victoria 3.0
Product Code: ps_ac851
DAZ Original: YES
Created By: Lourdes Mercado

Product Information

* Compatible Products: Victoria 3.0
* You can find new icons for loading this product in the following Poser Libraries:

  • Figures: “Victoria 3 Morphing Clothes”
  • Poses: “MAT TheDress”
  • Props: “TD HeadPiece”

Product Notes

  • Textures are provided in grayscale. Several 'Color' MAT Pose Files have been included, but don't limit yourself to the provided colors.
  • Some of the Headpieces use EasyPose. You can find the TwistAll/BendAll/Side-SideAll etc. dials in the 'Head' body parts. The other body parts also contain additional dials i.e. BendAft/TwistAft/Side-SideAft etc.
  • The EasyPose uses 'Morph' dials so that you can save the dial settings as a pose file. You must include 'morphs' in your pose files in order to save the EasyPose settings.
  • Headpiece 5 utilizes both a body handle “Veil2” and body part “Veil1” for the Veil posing.
  • The MAT Pose files for the 'prop' head pieces will only work if the props are parented to a figure. The included props are 'smart-props' and should load in parented.

Artist's Acknowlegments:

Many Thanks Ajax!


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Thank you and enjoy your new products!

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