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Mayan Headdress Pack


Product: Mayan Headdress Pack
Product Code: ps_ac942
DAZ Original: Yes
Created By: Lourdes Mercado
Released: September 20, 2004

Product Information

  • Compatible Products: Michael 3, Victoria 3, Stephanie 3, the Girl
  • You can find new icons for loading this product in the following Poser Libraries:
    • Figure: “David Morphing Clothes” , “GIRL Morphing Clothes” , “M3 Morphing Clothes” , “SP Morphing Clothes” , “V3 Morphing Clothes”
    • Poses: “Mayan HD”

Product Notes

  • Some poses have been supplied for V3, SP and GIRL headdresses. To use, select the headdress and double-click on the pose you want to apply. These poses were applied to the headdress with the 'parent' head at default. Further adjustments may be required after posing the head of the parent figure.
  • The cloth for the female headdresses contain EasyPose. Select the 'head' body part to find the main EasyPose dials. Additional dials can be found in the other segments.
  • The male headdresses have 6 feather sections that are posable. LFeather1, LFeather2, RFeather1, RFeather2, FeathersC1 and FeathersC2. These do not contain EasyPose. Posing of the feather sections require selecting that section and using the 'Twist', 'Side-Side' and 'Front-Back' dials.

Known Issues

  • None


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Draper, UT 84020
Phone:(801) 495-1777
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File Listing





———————————————————— \Runtime\Geometries\DAZClothing\GIRL












\Runtime\libraries\character\David Morphing Clothes\

D Mayan HD.cr2
D Mayan HD.rsr
———————————————————— \Runtime\libraries\character\GIRL Morphing Clothes

GIRL Mayan HD.cr2
GIRL Mayan HD.rsr

\Runtime\libraries\character\M3 Morphing Clothes

M3 Mayan HD.cr2
M3 Mayan HD.rsr

\Runtime\libraries\character\SP Morphing Clothes

SP Mayan HD.cr2
SP Mayan HD.rsr

\Runtime\libraries\character\V3 Morphing Clothes

V3 Mayan HD.cr2
V3 Mayan HD.rsr


\Runtime\libraries\Pose\Mayan HD

! GIRL Zeroed.pz2
! GIRL Zeroed.rsr
! SP Zeroed.pz2
! SP Zeroed.rsr
! V3 Zeroed.pz2
! V3 Zeroed.rsr
GIRL Across Front.pz2
GIRL Across Front.rsr
GIRL Blow L Side.pz2
GIRL Blow L Side.rsr
GIRL Blow R Side.pz2
GIRL Blow R Side.rsr
GIRL Flow Back 1.pz2
GIRL Flow Back 1.rsr
GIRL Flow Back 2.pz2
GIRL Flow Back 2.rsr
GIRL Hang Front 1.pz2
GIRL Hang Front 1.rsr
GIRL Hang Front 2.pz2
GIRL Hang Front 2.rsr
SP Across Front.pz2
SP Across Front.rsr
SP Blow L Side.pz2
SP Blow L Side.rsr
SP Blow R Side.pz2
SP Blow R Side.rsr
SP Flow Back 1.pz2
SP Flow Back 1.rsr
SP Flow Back 2.pz2
SP Flow Back 2.rsr
SP Hang Front 1.pz2
SP Hang Front 1.rsr
SP Hang Front 2.pz2
SP Hang Front 2.rsr
V3 Across Front.pz2
V3 Across Front.rsr
V3 Blow L Side.pz2
V3 Blow L Side.rsr
V3 Blow R Side.pz2
V3 Blow R Side.rsr
V3 Flow Back 1.pz2
V3 Flow Back 1.rsr
V3 Flow Back 2.pz2
V3 Flow Back 2.rsr
V3 Hang Front 1.pz2
V3 Hang Front 1.rsr
V3 Hang Front 2.pz2
V3 Hang Front 2.rsr





———————————————————— \Runtime\textures\DAZ\Clothing\GIRL\

———————————————————— \Runtime\textures\DAZ\Clothing\MilMan\


———————————————————— \Runtime\textures\DAZ\Clothing\MilWom\


———————————————————— \Runtime\textures\DAZ\Clothing\SP\