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V3 Designer Boots


Product: V3 Designer Boots
Product Code: ps_ac989
DAZ Original: YES
Created By: Xena
Released: October 7, 2004

Product Information

  • Compatible Products: Victoria 3.
  • You can find new icons for loading this product in the following Poser libraries:
    • Figures: “V3 Designer Clothing”
    • Pose: “MAT Designer Clothing”

Product Notes

  • For best results in conforming, follow these steps…
    - Load figure, select hip.
    - Go to Figure>Use Inverse Kinematics.
    - Deselect Left Leg by clicking on it. Repeat for Right Leg.
    - Go to Window>Joint Editor. When window pops up, click on Zero Figure.
    All clothing is modelled on this as the default position.
  • Please make sure you 'Use Limits'
  • Figure>Use Limits (checkmarked)
  • Easiest way to use Designer Boots ….
    - Load V3
    - Follow the steps above to turn off IK
    - Go to Library>Pose>MAT Xena Shoes and load HiHeel Boot INJ, then load HiHeel Boot Pose INJ.
    - Go to Library>Character>Xena Shoes and choose a pair of boots and load them.
    - Conform boots to Victoria 3.
    - Make pretty pictures :)
  • The INJ file for V3's feet makes her feet look horrid when she has no shoes on. It is only designed for use when she is wearing the Designer Boots.


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Draper, UT 84020
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TOLL-FREE 1-800-267-5170

File Listing





———————————————————————— \Runtime\libraries\


\Runtime\libraries\character\V3 Designer Clothing\

Boots 1.cr2
Boots 1.rsr
Boots 1 Platform.cr2
Boots 1 Platform.rsr
Boots 2.cr2
Boots 2.rsr
Boots 2 Platform.cr2
Boots 2 Platform.rsr
Boots 3.cr2
Boots 3.rsr
Boots 3 Platform.cr2
Boots 3 Platform.rsr
Boots 4.cr2
Boots 4.rsr
Boots 4 Platform.cr2
Boots 4 Platform.rsr
Boots 5.cr2
Boots 5.rsr
Boots 5 Platform.cr2
Boots 5 Platform.rsr
———————————————————————— \Runtime\libraries\Morphs\


hideBoot Fit-lFoot.pz2
hideBoot Fit-lToe.pz2
hideBoot Fit-rFoot.pz2
hideBoot Fit-rToe.pz2
injBoot Fit-lFoot.pz2
injBoot Fit-lToe.pz2
injBoot Fit-rFoot.pz2
injBoot Fit-rToe.pz2
remBoot Fit-lFoot.pz2
remBoot Fit-lToe.pz2
remBoot Fit-rFoot.pz2
remBoot Fit-rToe.pz2
showBoot Fit-lFoot.pz2
showBoot Fit-lToe.pz2
showBoot Fit-rFoot.pz2
showBoot Fit-rToe.pz2
———————————————————————— \Runtime\libraries\Pose\

\Runtime\libraries\Pose\MAT Designer Clothing\

ALL Default.pz2
ALL Default.rsr
BUMP 0%.pz2
BUMP 0%.rsr
BUMP 100%.pz2
BUMP 100%.rsr
BUMP 25%.pz2
BUMP 25%.rsr
BUMP 50%.pz2
BUMP 50%.rsr
BUMP 75%.pz2
BUMP 75%.rsr
BUMP Default.pz2
BUMP Default.rsr
Heel Tip Black.pz2
Heel Tip Black.rsr
Heel Tip Gold.pz2
Heel Tip Gold.rsr
Heel Tip Silver.pz2
Heel Tip Silver.rsr
HIGHLIGHT 100%.pz2
HIGHLIGHT 100%.rsr
HIGHLIGHT Default.pz2
HIGHLIGHT Default.rsr
HiHeel Boot INJ.pz2
HiHeel Boot INJ.rsr
HiHeel Boot Pose INJ.pz2
HiHeel Boot Pose INJ.rsr
HiHeel Boot Pose REM.pz2
HiHeel Boot Pose REM.rsr
HiHeel Boot REM.pz2
HiHeel Boot REM.rsr
MAT Colour Buckles Black.pz2
MAT Colour Buckles Black.rsr
MAT Colour Buckles Gold.pz2
MAT Colour Buckles Gold.rsr
MAT Colour Buckles Silver.pz2
MAT Colour Buckles Silver.rsr
MAT Colour Cloth Aqua.pz2
MAT Colour Cloth Aqua.rsr
MAT Colour Cloth Blue.pz2
MAT Colour Cloth Blue.rsr
MAT Colour Cloth Brown.pz2
MAT Colour Cloth Brown.rsr
MAT Colour Cloth Default.pz2
MAT Colour Cloth Default.rsr
MAT Colour Cloth Green.pz2
MAT Colour Cloth Green.rsr
MAT Colour Cloth Orange.pz2
MAT Colour Cloth Orange.rsr
MAT Colour Cloth Pink.pz2
MAT Colour Cloth Pink.rsr
MAT Colour Cloth Plum.pz2
MAT Colour Cloth Plum.rsr
MAT Colour Cloth Purple.pz2
MAT Colour Cloth Purple.rsr
MAT Colour Cloth Red.pz2
MAT Colour Cloth Red.rsr
MAT Colour Cloth White.pz2
MAT Colour Cloth White.rsr
MAT Colour Cloth Yellow.pz2
MAT Colour Cloth Yellow.rsr
MAT Colour Trim Aqua.pz2
MAT Colour Trim Aqua.rsr
MAT Colour Trim Blue.pz2
MAT Colour Trim Blue.rsr
MAT Colour Trim Brown.pz2
MAT Colour Trim Brown.rsr
MAT Colour Trim Default.pz2
MAT Colour Trim Default.rsr
MAT Colour Trim Green.pz2
MAT Colour Trim Green.rsr
MAT Colour Trim Orange.pz2
MAT Colour Trim Orange.rsr
MAT Colour Trim Pink.pz2
MAT Colour Trim Pink.rsr
MAT Colour Trim Plum.pz2
MAT Colour Trim Plum.rsr
MAT Colour Trim Purple.pz2
MAT Colour Trim Purple.rsr
MAT Colour Trim Red.pz2
MAT Colour Trim Red.rsr
MAT Colour Trim White.pz2
MAT Colour Trim White.rsr
MAT Colour Trim Yellow.pz2
MAT Colour Trim Yellow.rsr
———————————————————————— \Runtime\textures\