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Bryce Masters Series: Great Hall


Product: The Great Hall Masters Series Tutorial
Product Code: br_sc001
DAZ Original: YES
Created By: Rudolf Herzog
Released: February 10, 2005

Product Information
* Required Products: Bryce 5
* You can find the tutorial in the following folder(s):
* Tutorials:Masters Series:The Great Hall
* Support files (materials, objects) are located in the following folders:
* Materials - Presets:Materials:Masters Series
* Objects - Presets:Objects:Masters Series
* Skies - Content:Masters Series
* Scene - Scene Files:Masters Series

Product Notes
* To access the tutorial, open the Index.html page located in the Bryce 5:Tutorials:Masters Series:The Great Hall folder.
* If you installed the tutorial directly into your Bryce 5 program folder, the materials and objects are all located in the Materials and Objects Library, ready to load and examine.
* The skies will need to be manually imported into the Sky Library and are located in the Content:Masters Series folder.

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