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La Reine Des Coeurs

image_small.jpg La Reine Des Coeurs by AprilYSH is a complete outfit and hair set for Victoria 3, available at

The set comes in obj format with jpg colour, bump and transparency maps useable in many 3d applications. The package comes with Poser presets with morphs and material presets included.
See product page for feature list.


  1. Load the human figure Victoria3
  2. With the figure selected, load the outfit elements which you will find in Character > AprilReine
  3. With the outfit element selected, click the menu Figure > Conform To and select Victoria3 (usually loaded as “Figure 1”)

Useage Tips

  1. Please use MAT pose files to change hair colours, which you will find in Pose > AprilReine
  2. Please use sit morphs to sit V3, the sash and the skirt, which you will find in Pose > AprilReine, to begin your Victoria sitting pose. You can move the upper bodyparts and shins into your own custom pose once she is sitting.
  3. With the skirt selected, you can use the handles reset pose to make the handles go back to their starting positions.
  4. Once you have Victoria posed, use the sash morphs to match her pose. Then use the skirt morphs to match her pose. Then use the skirt bodyhandles to move the hems of her skirt to match her pose (especially the shin poses.)
  5. As the Collar is a large ornamental costume piece, it is not designed to conform to all arm and shoulder poses, so you may have to restrain poses that move her arms into the Collar.


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