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Zoo: Rhinolicious


Product: Zoo: Rhinolicious
Product Code: ps_mr155b
DAZ Original: NO
Created By: Gareee
Released: April 5, 2005

Product Information
* You can find new icons for loading this product in the following Poser Libraries:
* Figures: “3DUniverse - WW”, “Rhinolicious”
* Pose: “Rhinolicious”

Product Notes
* You'll find a number of body morphs now available when you select the “body” part, and you'll find many morphs in the head section as well.
* Enlarging the eyes and scaling the ears are ERC controlled from the head part.
(Note when scaling the eyes up, the left/right eye movement will cause some “popthrough”. Use the available x,y,x translation in the eye parts, and also in the eyelids to correct this.)

In addition, in the head you'll find I also split up the eye scaling for both the left are right eyes.. this means you can scale up right eye independantly from the left, for a asymmetrical appearance, if you choose. Just set the Head/pbm_bigeyes dial, and which ever eye you are scaling and it's eyelid to the same value.

Also in the head, you'll find a “smoothlipsides” dial.. with some mouth morphs, this will smooth the curve along the side of the mouth.. especially useful for the female lip morphs. In addition, a “no ears” morph has been provided to aid using prop hair, or headgear.

The Rhinolicious character can take the Heavies clothing and props, however if you choose to use the new body morphs, you will either need to use poser magnets, or the Tailor to create the body morphs in the clothing items. (Advanced)

Also, many new mat zones are now available in the Rhinolicious character.. you can also use “quick clothing” methods to simulate him wearing pants, tank tops, t-shirt, long sleeve shirts, and even shoes, boots and gloves by just changing the materials!

The tail can now also easily be easyposed by selecting the “tail1” section. You have have bend up/down, bend sideto side, and twist available.

Scaling of body parts is also available to vary your Rhino's look.. available scaling options are:
Head, Eyes, Ears, hands, and feet.

(Tip: Scale one side of your character, and then use poser's Figure/Symmetry/left↔right to duplicate the scaling to the opposite side.. this is much faster! It is also useful to do this before posing the character.)

Also, once you've scaled a body part, use it's parent part's “taper” dial to smooth the transition.)

(Examples: the hand's parent parts are the forearms, and the feet's part parts are the shins.)

In addition, you can also scale hands or feet closer to the camera to simulate a more dramatic “forced perspective” appearance.
* Rhinolicious has some very extreme tongue morphs, so here are some tips to help you out:

Use the tongue rot up morph in conjunction with the tongue bend left/right or twist/left right morphs. This will eliminate pokethrough, but also still retain the exaggerated “toon” posing ability of the tongue.

The taper and stretch tongue morphs can also come in useful for extreme expressions, as well as negative dialing various tongue morphs to facilitate toonish “stretch and bend” expressions. Also the stretch morph can go far beyond a setting of “1”.. I've used it up to a setting of 4 with excellent results.

When using mimic, also try using some of the tongue morphs as well…you can get a much more expressive looking character that way!

Artist's Acknowledgments:
Big thanks to Steve (Dark Whisper) for making the Rhino available free, and also for creating the entire Wacky World line of characters!
Product updated : August 27 2007- issue with side splitting in DS and Poser. RSR's removed, png's added.

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