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V3 & M3 Skeletons


Product: V3 & M3 Skeletons
Product Code: ps_ch108
DAZ Original: Yes
Created by: DAZ 3D
Released: May 11, 2005

Product Information

Required products: none.

Both skeletons fit perfectly inside Victoria 3.0 and Michael 3.0, are fully articulate and can be posed along with them, so they can be used conformed to Victoria and Michael or on their own.

You can find new icons for loading this product in the following Poser Libraries:

  • Figures: “DAZ Skeleton”
  • Pose: “!DAZ's Skeleton”

Product Notes

  • Important:

In Poser, Use Limits must be checked (Figure: Use Limits) for the skeleton (and M3/V3 if they're used with the skeleton). As with most figures, as long as limits are retained, everything should bend properly. If Use Limits is not checked, there may be issues with bones sticking out, so it's very important that this is applied.

When using the skeleton inside M3 or V3, certain poses may cause the skeleton to pop out or V3/M3 to deform oddly depending on which way the figures are conformed. (P4/PP has the skeleton conformed to M3/V3 while it's the other way around in other programs.) If that happens, simply select the conformed figure and apply the Zero Figure pose to the conformed figure (in the !DAZ Skeleton pose folder) and it will snap back into place.

Using standalone skeletons or posing M3 and V3 with a skeleton conformed to either in Poser, the shin and forearm bones will not function properly until you turn off IK. If necessary, use the IK until you accomplish the pose you are attempting, then turn it off and the bones will snap into their correct positions.

There are rotational dials in the clavicle and scapula to help eliminate poke-through in extreme poses.

The toes have extra posing ability so it may be necessary to tweak the toe bones to fit inside M3 or V3 when using a few poses because M3 and V3 do not have the same level of toe flexibility.

Current Walk Designer files made for M3 or V3 may not work well with the skeleton. It may be necessary to create new WD files for the skeletons.

  • Helpers:

The red helper objects (the hexagonal halos surrounding strategic areas of the skeletons) represent groups on the skeletons that do exist in the figure files but have no geometry beyond the helper objects' geometry. These have been added to make the posing process possible within the confines of the viewport. (I.e. it allows the skeletons to be compatible with Millennium 3 figure poses while remaining anatomically correct.) These helpers also have their own material grouping to make them easily transparent and non-renderable. (Please see the MAT Pose Instructions below.)

  • Bones and Body Parts:

Some of the bones in the skeleton can be selected but can not be manipulated, such as many of the vertebrae, the tibias, etc. This allows you to see the names of the bones while keeping the skeleton posable within Poser and D|S.

  • Morphs:

The skeleton skulls have several morphs to make them Mimic ready and to keep them as compatible as possible with the M3 and V3 figures. (This is why there are morphs such as Open Lips and Open Lips2 even though the skeleton itself doesn't have lips.)

  • Poser 4 and Pro Pack Use Instructions:

When conforming skeletons to Michael or Victoria in Poser 4 and Pro Pack, use the P4 Conform versions to conform to them. Also, there should be no need to pose the skeleton once it is conformed to M3 or V3. The skeletons are designed to follow them with no poke through in most cases, with the exception of a few of the more extreme poses.

  • Poser 5 and P6 Use Instructions:

When placing the skeletons inside M3/M3 in Poser 5 or Poser 6, you must load the stand-alone skeleton into the scene first, then Michael or Victoria, and then conform Michael and Victoria to the stand-alone skeletons and pose the skeleton. It is necessary to use the Zero Figure pose on M3/V3 for the skeletons to function correctly. This is located in your !DAZ Skeleton pose folder. Also, make sure to disable IK on M3 and V3 before conforming them.

  • DAZ|Studio Use Instructions:

When placing the skeletons inside M3/V3 in DAZ Studio, conform M3 and V3 to the standalone skeletons and pose the skeleton. Make sure to then select M3 or V3 in the Parameters window and zero M3/V3's joint rotations by clicking Ctrl+Shift+F for this to function correctly. After zeroing the rotations, please use the Zero Figure pose on M3 or V3. (This is located in your !DAZ Skeleton pose folder.) At this point, the figure will fit the skeleton properly. Select the skeleton and pose it.

Note: a few extreme poses might not work well in D|S due to the way the poses are constructed. The D|S team is aware of the issue and is working on incorporating a fix to accommodate those types of poses for the skeleton in a future build of D|S.

  • MAT Pose Instructions:

There are several material poses located in the !DAZ Skeletons folder along with the zero figure pose. There are four texture map poses (two for P4 and two for PP), the default materials pose and all materials white pose, four varying degrees of figure opacity for Victoria and Michael (full, 75%, 50% and 25%), and two poses for helper opacity (opaque and transparent). The Transparent Helpers pose makes the helpers non-renderable.


Visit our site for further technical support questions or concerns:

Thank you and enjoy your new products!

DAZ Productions Technical Support
12637 South 265 West #300
Draper, UT 84020
Phone:(801) 495-1777
FAX:(801) 495-1787
TOLL-FREE 1-800-267-5170

File Listing

V3 & M3 Skeletons








\Runtime\libraries\character\DAZ Skeleton\

M3 Skeleton P4 Conform.cr2

M3 Skeleton.cr2

V3 Skeleton P4 Conform.cr2

V3 Skeleton.cr2

M3 Skeleton P4 Conform.rsr

M3 Skeleton.rsr

V3 Skeleton P4 Conform.rsr

V3 Skeleton.rsr


\Runtime\libraries\Pose\!DAZ's Skeleton\

!All Skeleton Default.pz2

!All Skeleton White.pz2

Figure 25% Translucent.pz2

Figure 50% Translucent.pz2

Figure 75% Translucent.pz2

Figure Opaque.pz2

Opaque Helpers.pz2

Transparent Helpers.pz2

Zero Figure.pz2

!All Skeleton Default.rsr

!All Skeleton White.rsr

Figure 25% Translucent.rsr

Figure 50% Translucent.rsr

Figure 75% Translucent.rsr

Figure Opaque.rsr

Opaque Helpers.rsr

Transparent Helpers.rsr

Zero Figure.rsr


  • If you have previously purchased either the Skeleton or the Skeleton AV (Articulate Vertebrae), you are eligible for the V3 & M3 Skeletons (Upgrade) for only $29.95 (regular price).
  • Texture templates available for download on the product page.