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Reaper for the DAZ M3 Skeleton


Product: Reaper for the DAZ M3 Skeleton
Product Code: ps_ac1222
DAZ Original: Yes
Created By: Lourdes Mercado
Released: May 11, 2005

Product Information

  • Compatible Products: V3 & M3 Skeletons.

You can find new icons for loading this product in the following Poser Libraries:

  • Figures:
  • “LM Reaper”
  • Props:
  • “LM Reaper”

Product Notes

  • The Reaper fits the M3 skeleton.
  • To use the Dynamic Cloth robe in P5/P6:
  1. Load the M3 Skeleton figure into your scene.
  2. Turn of IK and Zero the skeleton.
  3. Select each 'helper' part and turn their visibility off. (that would be the red colored parts on the skeleton. Turning the visibility off for these parts will ensure that the simulation will not take them into account in it's calculations)
  4. Turn on the visibility for the Ground Plane if you are not using a prop in your scene with a 'ground'
  5. Load the dynamic robe from the props library.
  6. The robe should already be parented to the skeleton's hip…but just in case it doesn't, parent the dynamic robe to the skeleton's hip.
  7. Go into the cloth room.
  8. Create a new simulation. Leave the start/end frame to the default for this example. Enable Cloth self-collision and set the drape frames to '20'.
  9. Click “Clothify” and select the dynamic robe prop.
  10. Click “Collide Against”, “Add/Remove”, select the Ground (or the prop in your scene that is providing the 'ground') and Figure 1 (The skeleton and all it's parts) and click OK.
  11. Back in the Collide Against dialog, make sure that the 'Current Collision Object' has 'Figure 1' displayed. Set the Collision Offset to '2.5', Collision Depth to '1.5', Static Friction to '.25', Dynamic Friction to '.1' and enable the 'Start draping from zero pose' option. (Collision Offset is the distance of the cloth from the collision object and Collision Depth is the thickness of the cloth. Play with these numbers as needed to get the results you want)
  12. For this example, we will leave the “Dynamic Controls” at their default.
  13. Enable “Collision Friction”
  14. Go to the last frame (in this case 30), make sure the skeleton is selected by clicking on one of his body parts and pose the skeleton.
  15. Click on “Calculate Simulation” and wait for it to complete.
  16. Once simulation has completed, go to the last frame again to see the results.
    Tip: Play with the Collision offset from the 'Collide Against' dialog, if you get a lot of pokethru with the dynamic cloth. The dynamic cloth for the most part will work well with 'normal' standing type poses. You can use other props like boxes etc. to force the cloth to move in certain directions for sitting and laying poses.

Known Issues

  • None


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File Listing








\Runtime\Libraries\character\LM Reaper

Reaper Belt.cr2
Reaper Robe.cr2
Reaper Belt.rsr
Reaper Robe.rsr
————————————————– \Runtime\Libraries\props

\Runtime\Libraries\props\LM Reaper

Reaper Robe DYN.pp2
Reaper Robe DYN.rsr
————————————————– \Runtime\textures\