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Product: Caverns
Product Code: br_tr009
DAZ Original: Yes
Created By: Northern Studios
Released: May 22, 2005

Product Information

  • Required Products: Bryce 5 or higher
  • You can find new presets/files for Bryce in the following folder(s):
    • Content:Northern Studios:Caverns:Materials
    • Content:Northern Studios:Caverns:Objects

Product Notes

Welcome to the Caverns set.

  • We'd like you to know and take advantage of the following options:
    • Bryce loads all big items slightly off center. The caves have been sized to a large scale in order to make them easier to pose, so please remember to drag them to the left or right or down, depending on your preference and scene.
    • Remember to add a light to the caves if you're inside them.
    • All three cave terrains have caves you can move around in. If you just want more cave, and no terrain, select the terrain and delete it, remember to scale the remaining cave up.
    • The caves and terrains have different floors, the ones without are made so intentionally, so you can build a floor of your own to suit your needs.
    • Bryce wraps different objects differently, so if you should have problems with any of the textures, please tweak them in the Material Editor by clicking on the little arrow on the bottom right side of the material settings (Texture Mapping Mode)it will bring up a list of ways you can wrap the texture. The caves should be wrapped either with random, world cubic, or parametric settings. The landscapes in general will be fine with world space, parametric, or parametric scaled.
    • Although… wrapping them differently gives interesting results too.
    • The caves will make great background mountain ranges.
    • If you want to use a procedural texture in the caves, Bryce native ones like “Antique Clay Pots”, “Moonage DayDream” and any cliffy texture will work very well. * Bryce 5.5 wraps some tiled textures somewhat differently than Bryce 5.0. Should any seams show, please check the symmetric or repeat tiling options in the Texture Mapping Mode list.
    • Remember different terrains or objects need different scales, so remember to scale your textures as needed.
    • Once installed to the Bryce 5 directory, navigate to the Content:Northern Studios:Caverns folder, select both the Materials and Objects folders, and copy them. Navigate back up to the main Bryce 5 directory, open the Presets folder and paste the copied folders inside. The materials and objects are now available in the Objects and Materials Libraries under “Caverns.”

Artist's Acknowledgments: A big thank you to Dean Estes for testing the set on such short notice :)


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Thank you and enjoy your new products!

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File Listing


\Content\Northern Studios\Caverns\


\Content\Northern Studios\Caverns\Materials\Caverns\

Terrains 'n Rocks.mat

\Content\Northern Studios\Caverns\Objects\Caverns\

Terrains 'n Water.obp