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Desolation Earth - Chicken-Raptor


Product: Desolation Earth - Chicken-Raptor
Product Code: ps_an102b
DAZ Original: YES
Created By: Digital I
Released: August 14, 2005

Product Information

  • Required Products: None

Product Notes

* Notes from the artist:
* You can find new icons for loading this product in the following Poser Libraries:
* Figures: “DE Animals”
* Pose: “DE Chicken-Raptor”

* The Chicken-Raptor is one of the more dangerous denizens of Desolation Earth. Flocks of these wily predators make life difficult for the unwary traveller! Feel free to experiment with these beasties at different sizes - everything from wolf-sized (like an ancient Velociraptor dinosaur) to something somewhat taller than a human (like Utahraptor and its kin). After all, the creatures of Desolation Earth are still evolving and changing! * In all cases, “P4” will refer to Poser 4 and “PP” will refer to Pro Pak. “DS” will refer to DAZ|Studio.
* Note to P4 users:
Poser 4 users will need to convert the bump map from .jpg files to use the P4 files properly.
This Bump Map file is:
* DE-Chicken-Raptor-B.jpg
Please see Bump Map Conversion Help for more instructions on converting Bump Files.
* Note to P4 and PP users:
Due to a situation known as 'crosstalk,' the Easy-Pose dials included with these figures may not work when more than one figure of the same type is loaded into a scene. In that case, you may need to pose the second and subsequent instances manually.
* General Usage Features:
* You can change the gender of your Chicken-Raptor using the MAT-MOR files in the “DE Chicken-Raptor” pose directory. These allow you to switch between 'hen' and 'rooster' versions of the Chicken-Raptor with one click, changing the texture maps and the appropriate morph dials.
* The pose files in the “DE Chicken-Raptor” pose directory work independently of the gender-switching MAT-MOR poses - you can apply the pose files to either gender. * The arm feathers are primarily controlled by a master dial in the 'chest' body part - the presence, size, and overall shape of the feathers on both arms can be controlled via these dials.
* on the other hand, a 'Flare' dial has been placed in each shoulder and forearm body part, allowing you to control the spread of the feathers on the individual body parts as appropriate for your pose. The limits are set 'generously' - and feel free to experiment with using them in a negative direction as well!
* Easy-Pose dials have been placed in the 'chest' and 'hip' body parts, to allow for easy control of the neck and tail respectively.
* Body-handles have been included to assist in posing the comb and, to a lesser extent, the wattles. Use them in conjunction with the morph dials in the 'head' body part to create multiple poses.
* Due to the size of the model, using the Face Camera from default may show you a view partially inside the head. Simply pull the camera back, and everything will appear as it should!
* Basic Biology Extrapolated…
The best of science fiction and fantasy takes accepted fact and 'plays with it' - that being said, what can we expect of our Chicken-Raptors?
* Secondary sexual characteristics are often what the sexes use to demonstrate their prowess to a prospective mate. In birds, the colourful feathers of the male are an example of just such a trait. The larger comb/crest of the more colourful rooster is an appropriate example here. With the chicken-raptor no longer using its wings/arms for flying, I've turned the arm-feathers into another such characteristic - note how the feathers on the arm of the rooster are longer and more colourful than on the hen.
* Sickle-claw: In these days of Jurassic Park pervading the public consciousness, everyone knows that 'raptor' dinosaurs had a large sickle-shaped claw on the first toe of their hind feet, most likely used to slash their prey. Like a cat's claws, this was probably held in an upright retracted position when at rest.
* Sideways Wrist: Even newer is the discovery that 'raptor' dinosaurs had an odd wrist joint, that enabled them to fold their hands back sideways along their arms like a bird's wing folding. This makes even more sense for our Chicken-Raptor, which is after all mutated from a true bird! I've built sufficient flexibility into the 'Side-Side' movement dials of the wrists to allow for this movement Oh, and by the way? For what it's worth, Galliraptor deinomanus is a perfectly plausible scientific name for these beasts! As shown in the imaginary TruMan encyclopedia, it does indeed mean “The Predator Chicken with the Terrible Hands” in the greco-latin terminology used for biological nomenclature…

Artist's Acknowledgments:
Thanks to my beta-testers, who always keep me on my toes. Thanks also to my fellow PAs Noggin, Digiport, and Rawart for their support of this model, and to Daniel Vest of DAZ, the guiding light behind the Desolation Earth project.

Resolved Issues

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Known Issues

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File Listing

\Runtime\Geometries\Digital I\DE\
\Runtime\Libraries\character\DE Animals\
Chicken-Raptor P4.cr2
Chicken-Raptor P4.rsr
\Runtime\Libraries\Pose\DE Chicken-Raptor\
! MAT-MOR Hen P4.pz2
! MAT-MOR Hen.pz2
! MAT-MOR Rooster P4.pz2
! MAT-MOR Rooster.pz2
! MAT-MOR Hen P4.rsr
! MAT-MOR Hen.rsr
! MAT-MOR Rooster P4.rsr
! MAT-MOR Rooster.rsr
\Runtime\Textures\Digital I\DE\