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Product: Nybras
Product Code: ps_ch129
DAZ Original: YES
Released: November 30, 2005

Product Information

You can find new icons for loading this product in the following Poser Libraries:

  • Figures: “Nybras”
    • Pose: “!MAT Nybras” and “Nybras”

Product Notes

  • There are 2 versions of Nybras. The IK version is for Poser users who like to use the Poser IK system. The JCM version is not compatible with Poser IK (though it works in Poser otherwise) but it has the advantage of arm and leg muscles bending more realisitically.
  • Setting the scaling morphs to negative values or high positive values is not recommended in D|S - this is due to the way D|S treats scaling morphs.
  • Most poses made for other humanoid characters will work quite well with both versions of Nybras. Certain poses may cause problems with the feet or hands - this is due to IK information saved in the pose. Select the hands and feet and go to Edit: Restore: Element (Poser) or Parameters: Restore: Restore Selected Items (D|S). The hands and feet should snap back into place properly. It is highly recommended to make poses for the demon using the JCM version of the demon to prevent the IK information from being saved in the Pose file. (Even if IK is turned off in Poser, it may save the IK information any way.) If you are comfortable modifying pose files, you can open up any problem pose files in a text editor and remove the xTran, yTran, and zTran information in the hand and foot areas.
  • The hand grasp, thumb grasp, and spread dials work like morphs so you can dial in a value. This makes animating the hands much easier. However, Poser's symmetry function may not accurately mirror/swap those values. Also, to save the pose and keep the grasp/spread values, you must tick the “Save Morph Info” option when saving the pose. (Please be careful not to save any other morph info that you don't want in the pose.)
  • There are wing control dials in the body and in the chest. Some poses use the control dials in the chest, not the body.
  • The !HornsOff / !HornsOn Pose makes the horns invisible *and* set the HornsOff morph in the head. If you want just the horns' base to show, use the !HornsOff pose then select the head and set the HornsOff morph to 0. The !WingsOff / !WingsOn simply turns the wings invisible. There is no morph provided to smooth out the wing base.

Known Issues

  • None


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File Listing




Nybras IK.cr2
Nybras JCM.cr2
Nybras IK.rsr
Nybras JCM.rsr

\Runtime\libraries\Pose\!MAT Nybras\

Nybras RED-Lo.pz2
Nybras RED-Lo.rsr


In Hands.pz2
On Knees.pz2
In Hands.rsr
On Knees.rsr