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<head> <title>Thank you for purchasing Worldbase-Xtreme-Kit</title> </head> <Body bgcolor="white"> <font face="Arial, Helvetica, sans-serif">   <!-- ONLY MODIFY TEXT IN ALL CAPS. COLORS ARE SET BY DAZ. PLEASE DO NOT MODIFY FOLDER STRUCTURE. THE ROOT README'S FOLDER IS RESERVED ONLY FOR PRODUCT .HTM FILES. DO NOT PUT LINKS ON THIS PAGE TO WEB PAGES THAT MAY EXPIRE OR CHANGE. -->   <!-- Image is derivative of Main Product Image reduced to 192x250 Pixels --> <table width="80%" border="0" cellpadding="5"> <tr> <td colspan="2" ><a href="" target="_blank"><img src="pics/dazlogo.gif" border="0"></a></td> <!-- Image will be renamed by DAZ with the product code after code is generated --> <td rowspan="7" valign="middle" align="center"><div align="right"><img src="pics/ps_ac1565b.jpg" width="192" height="250"></td> </tr> <tr bordercolor="#677F7F"> <td bgcolor="#7E9E9D"><strong>Product:</strong></td> <!-- Link will be renamed by DAZ with the product code after code is generated --> <td bgcolor="#D7E1E1"><A HREF="">Worldbase-Xtreme-Kit</A></td> </tr> <tr bordercolor="#677F7F"> <td bgcolor="#7E9E9D"><strong>Product Code:</strong></td> <td bgcolor="#D7E1E1">ps_ac1565b</td> </tr> <tr bordercolor="#677F7F"> <td bgcolor="#7E9E9D"><strong>DAZ Original:</strong></td> <td bgcolor='#D7E1E1'>NO</td> </tr>     <tr bordercolor='#677F7F'><td bgcolor='#7E9E9D'><strong>Created By:</strong></td><td bgcolor='#D7E1E1'>Harvey Mann</td></tr> <tr bordercolor="#677F7F"> <td bgcolor="#7E9E9D"><strong>Released:</strong></td> <!-- SET BY DAZ --> <td bgcolor="#D7E1E1"> <!-- #BeginDate format:Am1 -->March 20, 2006<!-- #EndDate --> </td> </tr> </table> <hr width="85%" align="left"> <table width="80%" border="0" cellpadding="5"> <tr> <td bgcolor="#7E9E9D"><font color="#FFFFFF"><strong>Product Information</strong></font></td> </tr> <tr> <td> <ul> <!-- Required Products are products which are needed to load the current product. Compatible products are those which work in conjunction with the current product, but will still load independently. i.e.: M3 texture maps require Michael 3, M3 T-shirt is compatible with Michael 3. -->     <!-- ADD or remove bullets and libraries as needed. Replace all caps word with actual library name --> <li>You can find new icons for loading this product in the following Poser Libraries: <ul> <li>Camera: "WorldBase-P5-6" <li>Lights: "Worldbase-Lights" <li>Pose: "WorldBase-MATMOR" and "DAZ-Studio" (subfolder) <li>Props: "WorldBase-Xtreme" </ul> <b>Note:</b> DAZ|Studio users, please use the MAT files located in the "DAZ-Studio" subfolder of the "WorldBase-MATMOR" Pose folder. <li>You can find new icons for loading this product in the following DAZ Studio folder: <ul> <li>Lights: "Worldbase-Lights" </ul> <!-- Replace LIST file name with current product file listing. DAZ will create this list. --> <li>View files installed for this product: <A HREF="ProductLists/WorldBaseXtremeList.txt">WorldBaseXtremeList.txt</A> </ul></td> </tr> <tr> <td>&nbsp;</td> </tr> <tr> <td bgcolor="#7E9E9D"><font color="#FFFFFF"><strong>Product Notes</strong></font></td> </tr> <tr> <td><ul> <!-- Usage notes that artist included with product. If none then remove this section. -->Thank you for buying the Worldbase-Xtreme kit, I am sure you will find this true 3d world environment very useful in your Poser and DAZ Studio creations. It is very versatile and realistic and can house several large towns, fantasy worlds, cliffs, hills and much more, and it is easy to use. You can either call up one of the many instant environments or change the sky textures and ground textures seperately, you can also fine tune it by adjusting the morph dials and textures for the particular look you need.<br> <br> ------------------------------------------------------------<br> Installing Worldbase-Xtreme<br> <br> Simply install it into Poser 5 or 6 or DAZ Studio that you have on your computer as directed by the installation program. <br> <br> ------------------------------------------------------------<br> READ THESE IMPORTANT NOTES!!!<br> <br> NOTE...To use the worldbase mat files in poser you must have a figure in your scene first, any figure or conforming article will do, and you can even make it invisible if you dont want to see it. (You don’t need a figure in daz studio.)<br> <br> Poser 5 and 6 users should use the cameras provided because the yon parameter has to be set between 10000 or 12000 to see the skies. The default cameras are fine in daz studio.<br> <br> Generally you should use the poser 4 renderer in poser 5 and 6 with the top 4 options ticked, but not "ignore shader trees" the firefly renderer does not render the skies when the worldbase is scaled to 400% and it is not a sharp as the poser 4 renderer.<br> <br> if you are using daz studio then use the daz studio mat files in the poses/worldbase-matmor/daz-studio menu, daz studio does not display the double backdrop properly,these files overide that problem.<br> <br> The grounds appear at a much lower resolution in daz studio because there is no material tiling yet. You can work around this by using props (plants, buildings,roads etc..) in critical areas. Generally this is how you will want to work in worldbase anyway. <br> <br> Poser 5 and 6 users... when the mat files have a name such as "+mm-a-summer1(tl) mm means mat morph, a means all (skies, grounds etc..) and (tl) means tiled large, (ts) means tiled small...for more detail. <br> <br> The first 2 cameras are set to a poser figures eye height.<br> <br> There is seperate set of lights for daz studio in the studio/lights/worldbase-lights folder, daz studio users should use these.<br>   <br> ------------------------------------------------------------<br> QUICK START<br> <br> Fire up your Poser or DAZ application.<br> <br> On the menu bar on the right (left in DAZ Studio) first select "Cameras/Worldbase-P5 & 6 and click on Cam-1,<br> Next go to Props/! Worldbase-Xtreme and double click on the first icon 1-Worldbase-Xtreme and then on 2-Main-Road.<br> <br> Now delete the lights in Poser (DAZ Studio no need to). Poser users go to "Lights/! Worldbase-Lights", DAZ users go to <br> "Studio/ Lights/! Worldbase-Lights" and select and apply one of the light sets.<br> <br> <br> Now in Poser select the Poser 4 renderer and enable the top four options but not the "Ignore Shader Trees" option.<br> Hit "Render Now (Poser 4)" to render the scene.<br> In DAZ Studio slide the Render slider to the right to use the 3Delight renderer and render your scene.<br> <br> You should now have your first rendered scene. <br> <br> ------------------------------------------------------------<br> APPLYING MAT TEXTURE FILES!!<br> <br> First make sure the "Worldbase-Xtreme" prop is actually selected in your Poser, DAZ-Studio scene. <br> Now go to "Poses/! Worldbase-MATMOR", DAZ Studio users open the folder in there called "DAZ-Studio", the contents of the folder are identical but the "DAZ-Studio" folder MAT files have been modified to overcome the above mentioned limitations in displaying the backdrops properly, also the textures in the daz folder that say (tiled) after them...dont actually tile, because of no texture tiling in daz Studio yet.<br> <br> The set up is simple, the main categories are shown by the icons "Morphs, Worlds,Grounds, Skies, Roads" these icons are color coded, the very top one "Morphs" being dark blue. Below them are the actual files in that category, the most important one in the "Morphs" category is "Reset" which sets the morphs in the Worldbase back to zero. <br> Next is "Worlds", now the first 3 in this category begin with "+MM" that means they apply textures to the whole world, ground, skies and ranges and also morphs, so after you have used these 3 its a good idea to go back to "Reset"to set the morphs back to zero again.<br> Now the next icons are just MAT files and they change all the textures in the world such as skies ground and ranges,they begin with MAT.<br> The next categories "Grounds, Skies and Road are MAT files also and they simply change the textures only for that section of the world.<br> Note you have to select the road first before you use the "Road" MAT files.<br> <br> ------------------------------------------------------------<br> USING THE MORPHS!<br><br> Note some of these dials (such as scale inner, scale to 25% etc...are very sensitive because of the scales involved, generally you do not want to go over 1.000 in any of them, so its best to type in the numbers on these rather than slide the dial. Certain morphs such as scale to 25% you will probably never use (i don't) but they are there for that rare time you may want to make the worldbase smaller.<br> <br> Basically the morph dials are very simple to use, simply dial them in and you will see what they do.<br> <br> TIP:- In Poser go to the Top camera and type in 140000 next to the scale dial, now switch to smooth lined display and type in 1.000 <br> next to the "Inner-SCurve" dial, you will see what this dial does...It curves the inner backdrop mesh inwards, this is useful for fogs <br> and some hill displays.<br> If you want the worldbase to be huge, simply type in 1.000 in the "Scale to 400%" dial and the Worldbase will be huge, but the skies <br> will still be clear.<br> <br> PLEASE NOTE:- You will need to change the road size if you do this, so select the road and type in 1.000 in "Stretch to 400%", so the<br> road will match the size of the world.<br> You will note also that the road has its own morphs, experiment with these to see what they do.<br> If you cant understand whata particular dial does, then use the TIP:- mentioned above and dial in the morph and you will see what it <br> does, you can also do the same with the left and right cameras if you need to.<br> <br> So remember the basic rule dont go over 1.000 in any of the morphs and everything will be fine.<br> <br> If you get into trouble simply select the Worldbase and hit Ctrl E on the keyboard or hit "Reset" to set all the dials back to zero.<br> <br> ------------------------------------------------------------<br> USING PROPS IN THE WORLDBASE<br> <br> To apply props such as houses, hills etc, such as the fantastic "Worldbase Village".<br> Set the camera to TOP and use the TIP:- description, but maybe set the scale factor of the TOP camera to 10000 or less to see what you<br> are doing. Now apply the prop you wish, for example we will say a house and we want to place it beside the road.<br> So once you have the top camera set simply grab the house with the Translate tool and slide it beside the road, now slide the YRotate<br> dial to -90% or 90% and the house should be facing the road...its that easy, you can use the YTran dial if you need it to sit higher <br> or lower. Remember you can use the TIP:- technique on the right and left cameras as well if you need to.<br> This way you can set up quite a complex scene in Worldbase very easily.<br> <br> If you set a really complex scene you will need to use very basic lights for the default world scene and then add your own extra lights <br> to make the props in the scene look more dramatic, this can be fairly time consuming.<br> <br> TIP:- This will help speed this process up dramatically, first use the Top camera and set the scale to 8000.<br> Now apply a light (Spotlight) and set the scale of that Spotlight to 2000 so you can see it clearly.(you can reset it back to 100% later) <br> Now you can position it with the Translate Tool and also you use the X, Y and ZRotate dials to fine tune it.<br> You can also use the "Object/ Point at" function if you want the light to point at a particular object in your scene.<br> Be carefull not to set too many lights with shadows enabled otherwise you could end up complicating your scene.<br> <br> Thats it, its a very simple product to use once you get used to it, hopefully it will add a whole new dimension and style to your Poser and DAZ-Studio renderings.<br><br> Best Wishes,<br> Harvey Mann<br> </ul> <!-- This would be the best place to put special links to our FAQ's if there is extensive explanation needed --> </td> </tr> <tr> <td>&nbsp;</td> </tr> <tr> <td bgcolor="#7E9E9D"> <!-- Add Thankyous if there are any here --> <font color="#FFFFFF"><b>Artist's Acknowledgments:</b></font></td> </tr> <tr> <td><p>ABOUT FILE SHARING!!!<br><br> Warez and File sharing is hurting the Poser community, most of us individual artists are very close to being put out of business by file sharing, ultimately anyone who does this is not only hurting the artist, but also all the users who are honest and enjoy using these products. Although only a very small proportion of buyers see fit to either make these products available as Warez or as so called shared files, it still hurts the community in a big way. Please do not distibute these items as Warez or shareware. Most merchants actually struggle to make ends meet and so called file sharing has discouraged many merchants from producing any further creations for the Poser community, because the already low profit margins have been even further eroded by illegal activity thereby making it impossible to carry on with our small businesses. We are not big software manufacturers, we are small self funded artists that pay rent and struggle to provide for families, and distributing our products as WAREZ is no better than breaking into that persons house on a daily basis and stealing a substantial part of their wages. IF you can have a conscience about this...PLEASE DO NOT DISTRIBUTE THESE ITEMS IN THIS WAY. Because eventually this activity will not only put the artist out of business but will also deprive the whole community of further products from that artist.If any buyer has seen such warez activities please try to contact the merchant whose product has been distributed in this way.<br><br> Thanks for your co operation.<br> HMann<br></p> </td> </tr> <tr> <td>&nbsp;</td> </tr> </table> <hr width="85%" align="left"> <br> Visit our site site for further technical support questions or concerns: <a href=""></a> <p>Thank you and enjoy your new products!</p> <p> <b>DAZ Productions Technical Support</b> <br> 1350 E Draper Parkway<br> Draper, UT 84020<br> Phone:(801) 495-1777<br> FAX:(801) 495-1787<br> TOLL-FREE 1-800-267-5170</p> </font> </body>