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FBX Exporter


Product: FBX Export Plug-in
Product Code: ds_ap008
DAZ Original: YES
Released: May 26, 2009

Product Information

  • Required Products: DAZ Studio 3.x or higher
  • For the User's Documentation for this plug-in, click here
  • In addition to the standard system requirements for DAZ Studio, this plug-in is compiled against the 3.X SDK libraries and so requires a compatible version of the DAZ Studio core application.

Product Notes

  • Build 3.x
    • New in this build: - Compiled for DAZ Studio 3.0
    • Fixed Issues: - None
  • Build 2.x
    • New in this build:
      • Added the ability to export LOD levels and UV sets as part of the FBX export.
    • Fixed Issues: - None
  • Fixed in previous version (DS 1.7):
    • Emotiguy now works.
    • Ability to export FBX ver. 5 (for applications that don't have support for version 6).
    • Ability to embed textures in file.

Known Issues

  • Importing FBX content into 3DS Max will occasionally result in some weightmaps that need some hand-tweaking. This is only apparent in the newest version of the FBX import plugin available from Autodesk’s site (version 2006.02). Previous versions of the 3DS Max FBX import plugin contain a different issue with weightmaps, for which there is a simple fix outlined below.
  • FBX import plugins for 3DS Max that are older than the 2006.02 version often have problems importing content if the option “Include Textures” is checked in the export options. This occurs when there are image maps assigned to any of the surfaces. This can be avoided by either updating to the newest plugin version or doing the following: manually remove textures from each surface on the model before you export it from DAZ Studio. That ensures that the UVs will be read by the Max FBX importer, and then the user can manually set up the surfaces in Max and assign the correct texture maps.
  • There are some issues importing FBX into Lightwave. See the user guide for more information.


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