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Hexagon 2.5 (Upgrade from Hexagon 1) -- Download Version


Product: Hexagon 2.5 (Upgrade from Hexagon 1)
Product Code: hx_ap004 (PC or Mac)
Released: May 13, 2008

Product Information

  • Required Products: Can be used Stand-Alone or in conjunction with DAZ Studio

You will need Adobe Acrobat Reader to view these documents

Product Notes

Feature Additions & Resolved Issues

  • Hexagon 2.5
    • New Features
      • Bridge to DAZ Studio - Adds the ability to bring figures, clothing, and props in from DAZ Studio, modify the mesh for morphs, then send the items back into DAZ Studio automatically applying the changes as morph targets or as a static prop. New props can also be built in Hexagon then sent to DAZ Studio as a static prop.

  • Resolved Issues
    • UI Changes:
      • Scultpie primitive creation tools have been added to the Second Life menu.
      • The registration dialog has been removed as it is no longer a required feature.
      • To reduce the installer size, documentation and video tutorials have been moved to an online source and the help option will launch the URL.
      • Removal of multiple listings of Taper tool in the Tools menu.
      • Version number has been changed to a four number format: i.e.,
      • Fixed an issue where popup menus could appear off the screen when the menu was initiated near the edge of the application.
    • General:
      • Issues with DAZ Studio 1.7 and C++ run time library: Since the new release of DAZ Studio (1.8+) the C++ run time library error has been corrected.
      • Added more appropriate warning to the smoothing operation to indicate when the operation may be too intensive.
      • Found several cases where un-initialized values were being used which would cause internal errors. This should make the application more stable.
    • 3D Camera: Resolved an issue where the camera could be zoomed in too far which would cause the direction vector to be undefined and control of the camera would be lost.
    • File Loading:
      • Improved 3DS file loading to handle materials.
      • Updated 3DS loading file library to a more recent release.
      • Improved OBJ file loading in how it handles materials.
      • Attempts at using un-initialized variables no longer causing internal errors when loading some files.
    • Tesselation: Resolved an issue where subdivision could use an unreferenced variable which would cause an internal error.

  • Hexagon 2.3
    • New Features
      • Addition of Sculpty primitives for importing into Second Life.
    • Resolved Issues
      • Vertex reordering no longer affects exported objects.

Known Issues

  • Hexagon 2.5
    • When sending an item back to DAZ Studio, clicking on Cancel, then on No, the Material Data dialog comes up even though all actions have been cancelled. Click on No to close the dialog.
    • When sending an item from Hexagon to DAZ Studio and sometimes vice versa, the program does not come to the front but will flash in the taskbar. Click on the task button to bring the program to the front.
    • With some systems, Hexagon will lock up or crash when attempting to create a sculpty primitive. To fix this, open the preferences in Hexagon and reset to default. This happens most frequently on systems that have never had Hexagon installed but may happen on some that have had Hexagon previously installed.


  • The current documentation set is being updated and revamped and will be available as soon as it is completed.

For further technical support questions or concerns, please email [email protected]


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