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Trinity Atrium


Product: Trinity Atrium
Product Code: ps_ac1743
DAZ Original: Yes
Created by: Redhouse Studios
Released: September 2, 2006

Product Information

  • Required Products: NONE
  • Documentation:
    • The set consists of a single cr2 file and program specific MAT files.
    • Each part can be hidden to enable the camera to placed easily
    • Camera 3 - to use this camera you will need to make the Lower_wall_S hidden
  • Created By: Redhouse Studios

Known Issues

  • None


Visit our site for further technical support questions or concerns:

Thank you and enjoy your new products!

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Phone:(801) 495-1777
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File Listing

















































  • Texture templates available for download on the product page.

Bryce Companion File for the Trinity Atrium

Created By: Northern-Studios
Released: April 13, 2007

Product Information

With selected items you purchase in the Platinum Club, DAZ is offering a companion download that was created to assist you in using your new product in Bryce.

This download will help you take full advantage of selected interior and exterior Poser props and figures in Bryce, and will include instructions on importing your purchase to Bryce, sizing and positioning, as well as a Bryce scene with lighting, atmosphere and camera settings already set up for your specific purchase.

Save valuable time after importing your purchase to Bryce by utilizing the presets in the companion download. Take it a step further: select and change the lights, ambience, textures or camera for a whole new look! The possibilities are endless!

  • Required Products: Trinity Atrium
  • You can find your new Bryce file in the following folders:
    • DAZ\Bryce6\DAZ Content\DAZ Companion Files

Product Notes

Bryce: This great room Bryce Companion file has been created in Bryce 6 and has been tested in Bryce 6.Please refer to the Platinum Club forum thread for this file for information on generic Poser/Bryce import.

This file requires you have set your D|S installation to be able to access your Poser directories, should you have installed your Trinity Atrium and additional textures set into a Poser Runtime.


  • Open the Bryce Companion file located in the DAZ Content\DAZ. Companion Files folder. (TrinityAtriumBCF.br6)
  • Open D|S by clicking the D|S button( some of you may have to click Create first in order to access that particular button)
  • Click the Trinity_Atrium file in your Tri_Atri folder in either Content(Figures) or your Poser (Characters) folder in D|S
  • Click the “Return to Bryce” button in the upper right corner
  • Go to the Object menu, and select “Break DAZ|Studio Link”.
  • The next step is optional - but if you like to keep it tidy, like me, click the triangle next to the mountain icon in the left hand side of your screen and select the view from right.
  • Zoom out by using the looking glass in the lower right until you see everything. Draw a square around it all with your mouse, and click “G” for group in the little icon list next to the Trinity Atrium set
  • This BCF does not need coordinate setting - hence coordinates provided are a default setting
    • You can also just copy (CTRL + C) the numbers (remember the minuses!) from the table and paste them in (CTRL + V) if you're a lazy typist like me ;-) - just remember that in some places you need to swap the comma for a period.

Trinity Atrium
Origin: -0,06; 283,84; -0,01
Position: -0,06; 283,84; -0,01
Rotate: 0; 0; 0
Size: 882,76; 573,30; 882,92

  • Lock the file, so you don't inadvertently move a component.
  • Select Floor from the Select Meshes menu. Enter the Material editor , and add a bumpmap by dropping the ball in the B slot:
    • Click the little P in the box that appears.
    • Click ball above it, and enter the texture editor
    • Locate rhsh_Floor
    • Click Copy on the first texture, and click Paste on the second - click delete when asked - this will get rid of the white field
    • Click OK
    • Set the bump to somewhere between 5 and 15, depending on how strong a bump you want, and set reflection to somewhere between 1 and 10
  • Set the rest of the textures similarly
  • All done :-)

Scene tip

  • Move the AtriumLights group around (after unlocking it), up and down in order to get the light you want.
  • Turn on the atmosophere for a misty, hazy look
  • Try varying the scene light by using alternate settings - i.e radial light 2 has a setting of 2, radial light 3 has a setting of 1, radial light 3 has a seting of 1, and so on. Remember to turn off the lights you're not using, otherwise it will get way, way too bright!
  • Remember to experiment with colour to customise your scene
  • Select the Infinite Ground plane in the scene and set t to hidden in attributes if you want to use the original ground/texture


  • 6 General view cameras of staircase, patio and walkway - aimed so it's easy to put a person in them :-)

  • Finally: Please don't hesitate to ask any one of us on the BCF-team or PC forum for help with the file :-)