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V4 Teen Ashley - Clothing


Product: V4 Teen Ashley - Clothing
Product Code: ps_ac1903
DAZ Original: Yes
Created by: 3D Universe
Released: February 20, 2007

Product Information

Required Products: Victoria 4.0 Morphs++, Victoria 4.0 Base

You can find new icons for loading this product in the following Libraries:

  • Figures: “3D Universe - V4”
  • Pose: “3D Universe - V4”

Product Notes

- Ensure that you apply the “!Magnetize to V4” pose on each of the clothing items to properly fit the clothing to V4.

- The Pants contain a “FitSneakers” body morph which should be applied if the Sneakers Figure are used to prevent the pants intersecting.

- Because of the differences between Poser and DAZ Studios renderer, standard Poser materials sometimes appear too bright in DAZ Studio. DAZ Studio specific material poses have been included for all the items to ensure that you get the best look out of both applications.

- The Denim texture set for the included pants uses a transparency map to hide certain bits of the model (like the pockets on the legs). This may lead to strange views in the OpenGL Preview. The final render will look fine though.

- In a few very extreme poses, some pokethrough is noticeable on some of the clothing items. Manual adjustment morphs have been included to adjust the clothing to remove this.

- When applying a pose, always make sure that the ArmsUp-Down, ArmsFront-Back, NeckHeadTwist, NeckHeadSide-Side, NeckHeadBend, TorsoTwist, etc. MorphForm dials on V4's body are set to zero, as they can mess up a perfectly good pose.


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File Listing









\Runtime\libraries\character\3D Universe - V4\

V14 - Pants.cr2
V14 - Sneakers.cr2
V14 - Top.cr2

V14 - Pants.png
V14 - Sneakers.png
V14 - Top.png


\Runtime\libraries\Pose\3D Universe - V4\

Pants Cropped - MAT.png
Pants Denim - MAT.png
Pants Desert Camo - MAT.png
Shirt CG Girl - MAT.png
Shirt Default - MAT.png
Shirt Flowers - MAT.png
Pants Cropped - MAT.pz2
Pants Denim - MAT.pz2
Pants Desert Camo - MAT.pz2
Shirt CG Girl - MAT.pz2
Shirt Default - MAT.pz2
Shirt Flowers - MAT.pz2