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Product: MADLAB-4
Product Code: ps_ac1980b
DAZ Original: YES
Created By: Davorama
Released: April 17, 2007

Product Information

* You can find new icons for loading this product in the following Libraries:
* Figures: “MLab 4 Lab Metal” “MLab 4 Lab Rust” “MLab 4 Props Metal” “MLab 4 Props Rust”
* Pose: “Mlab4 X-table”

Product Information

  • Required Products:
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Product Notes

* The following is a description of the MLab 4 Lab libraries. Each library (rust and metal) has a different texture theme. * MLab 4 Lab library: * Hall Long: This is a longer hallway segment that leads directly to the chamber. * Hall Short: This is a short hallway segment that connects to the Long Hall if you want to make a very long corridor. Just place the short segments end to end and parent together. * Lab Room Assem: This is a pre-parented chamber that included some wall bars, * Long and Short hall segments and 1 tunnel segment. * The lab room has 4 separate walls in a circular style. Each wall segment can be hidden or moved up or down out of the way for better viewing. There is a ceiling that has 4 columns that reach to the floor. The ceiling has morph targets that will move each column up out of the way if you want to increase your viewing angle. One of the walls has a posable door with posable wheel lock. One of the walls has a posable hatch with wheel lock that opens into a tunnel. You can add more tunnel segments if you want a long tunnel. * Wall Bars: These are a set of 3 pipes that run the length of a wall segment. The pipes can be moved up and down or deleted if you wish. * Tunnel Segment: This is a short tunnel segment you can add to the tunnel in one of the walls. Parent it to wall 3. * The following is a description of the MLab 4 Props libraries. Each library (rust and metal) has a different texture theme. * Console: This is a posable control console with 2 posable Lever Bars and 2 posable switches. You can alter the texture map to change the viewing screen if you wish. The console is on a height adjustable base/shaft. * Lab Ceiling Lamp: This is large ceiling lamp that when inserted, will be placed in the center of the chamber near the ceiling. This lamp has an adjustable frame and 4 adjustable smaller lights that can be rotated to desired direction. * Stool: This is a posable rolling style stool with height adjustment and posable wheels * Tray: This is a posable rolling style instrument tray with height adjustment and posable wheels. * T-Holder: The T-Holder is a posable tool holding device. It is mounted to a round rail that circles the chamber. The Holder part can be rotated and it's center of rotation is the center of the chamber. The holder has 2 height adjustment shafts for vertical adjustment and multiple adjustable horizontal arms/shafts. You can attach one of the T-tools to the collar/tip of the holder. For your convienence, there are already pre- parented T-holders and the tools in the props library, you can place more than one in a scene, just simply rotate the addition tool holders to a new location. The pre- parented Holder and tool assemblies are as follows: * T-Drill Combo * T-Saw Combo * T-Laser Combo * T-Syringe Combo * T-Holder - Drill: This is the tool top with a drill style tip, it can rotate like a large drill * T-Holder - Saw: This is the saw tool tip. The saw blade spins, you can resize the blade, the blade holding arms can extend longer or shorter. * T-Holder - Laser: This is a laser beam tool tip. The housing is posable, there is a beam length morph to make the beam longer or shorter. * T-Holder - Syringe: This is a syringe tool tip. There is a plunger morph that moves the punger up and down and controls the fluid level in the syringe. There is also a morph target to lengthen or shorten the needle. * X-Table: The X-table is a specimen restraining table that is fully posable. There are 2 pose files included, one for M3 and one for V3 plus the matching table pose for each. The table has adjustable height pedestal, can rotate and the arm and leg bars are posable as well. With some adjustments, you should be able to fit any human style character in the X-table. The X-table is also set up to allow you to mirror right to left or left to right. This will cut down on posing the table and your character, all you need to do is pose one side of each and mirror the results to the other side of each. * Please enjoy using this product. It is realistically textured and a very handsome package. * Thanks again for your purchase. * Cheers, Davo * WAIT!!! PLEASE READ MORE: * Not included is the Madlab 4 “Expansion Pack”. The expansion pack contains additional laboratory style equipement, Medical IV stand, monitors and monitor stand and more. The expansion pack also includes 2 additional texture themes for the chamber: Lab theme (tiles) and Utility Theme (painted over brick wall). * There is an additional texture theme for all the medical equipment and tools: Lab (a light green painted theme with some texture) * The expansion pack is available also at DAZ under the Davorama artist name.

Resolved Issues

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Known Issues

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File Listing






MLab4lamp.obj MLab4longhall.obj m4console.obj mad4room.obj MLab4shorthall.obj MLab4stool.OBJ T_drill.OBJ T_holder.obj T_laser.OBJ T_saw.OBJ T_syringe.OBJ MLab4tray.obj tunlseg.OBJ MLab4wallbars.OBJ Xtable.obj



\Runtime\libraries\character\MLab 4 Lab Metal\

Hall Long.cr2 Hall Short.cr2 Lab Room Assem.cr2 Tunnel Segment.cr2 Wall Bars.cr2 Hall Long.png Hall Short.png Lab Room Assem.png Tunnel Segment.png Wall Bars.png

\Runtime\libraries\character\MLab 4 Lab Rust\

Hall Long.cr2 Hall Short.cr2 Lab Room Assem.cr2 Tunnel Segment.cr2 Wall Bars.cr2 Hall Long.png Hall Short.png Lab Room Assem.png Tunnel Segment.png Wall Bars.png

\Runtime\libraries\character\MLab 4 Props Metal\

Console.cr2 Lab Ceiling Lamp.cr2 Stool.cr2 T_Drill Combo.cr2 T_Holder.cr2 T_Holder_Drill.cr2 T_Holder_Laser.cr2 T_Holder_Saw.cr2 T_Holder_Syringe.cr2 T_Laser Combo.cr2 T_Saw Combo.cr2 T_Syringe Combo.cr2 Tray.cr2 X Table.cr2 Console.png Lab Ceiling Lamp.png Stool.png T_Drill Combo.png T_Holder.png T_Holder_Drill.png T_Holder_Laser.png T_Holder_Saw.png T_Holder_Syringe.png T_Laser Combo.png T_Saw Combo.png T_Syringe Combo.png Tray.png X Table.png

\Runtime\libraries\character\MLab 4 Props Rust\

Console.cr2 Lab Ceiling Lamp.cr2 Stool.cr2 T-Drill Combo.cr2 T-Holder - Drill.cr2 T-Holder - Laser.cr2 T-Holder - Saw.cr2 T-Holder - Syringe.cr2 T-Holder.cr2 T-Laser Combo.cr2 Tray.cr2 T-Saw Combo.cr2 T-Syringe Combo.cr2 X Table.cr2 Console.png Lab Ceiling Lamp.png Stool.png T-Drill Combo.png T-Holder - Drill.png T-Holder - Laser.png T-Holder - Saw.png T-Holder - Syringe.png T-Holder.png T-Laser Combo.png Tray.png T-Saw Combo.png T-Syringe Combo.png X Table.png


\Runtime\libraries\Pose\Mlab4 X-table\

M3 Pose 1 M3.png M3 Pose 1 Table.png V3 Pose 1 Table.png V3 Pose 1 V3.png M3 Pose 1 M3.pz2 M3 Pose 1 Table.pz2 V3 Pose 1 Table.pz2 V3 Pose 1 V3.pz2




m4props2_metal.jpg m4props2_rust.jpg m4screens.jpg mad4floorceil_metal.jpg mad4floorceil_rust.jpg mad4hall_metal.jpg mad4hall_rust.jpg mad4prop1_metal.jpg mad4prop1_rust.jpg mad4walls_metal.jpg mad4walls_rust.jpg toolholder_metal.jpg toolholder_rust.jpg Xtable_metal.jpg Xtable_rust.jpg