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M3 Morph Magnet Fits


Product: M3 Morph Magnet Fits
Product Code: ps_ac2074b
DAZ Original: NO
Created By: Lyrra Madril
Released: May 31, 2007

Product Information

  • Required Products: D-Form Plugin, Michael 3.0 Head & Body Morphs, Brom, Michael 3.0 Base
  • You can find new icons for loading this product in the following Libraries:
    • Props: “Brom Morph Fit Magnets” “M3 Morph Fit Magnets”
  • View files installed for this product below

Product Notes

  • These magnets are optimized for use in Poser. They can and do work with the DAZ|Studio Dformers, but some of them may be very difficult to adjust. Poser is recommended.
  • You must install the D-Form Plugin in order for this product to function properly within DAZ|Studio.
  • Please see the User's Manual for additional instructions on using these magnets
  • For more informaiton on using these magnet presets or Poser magnets in general please check

User Manual

Instructions for M3 Morph Magnet Fits

These magnets are specifically created to help you match the following morph sets in new clothing items.

Michael 3 Body Morphs:
Brom for M3 by Capces:

They are NOT designed to make morphs in the figure. This product is not recommended for new users. A strong knowledge of poser, morph target use and creation is needed.

The magnets will load into the Props folder of your Runtime Directory.

To use the magnets:

  1. Load Michael 3, in the zeroed position. NOTE: To zero a figure, turn off IK on both legs and use Zero Figure in the Joint Editor to set all bends to 0
  2. Load and conform the clothing item you wish to add the morph to.
  3. Set the morph on Michael's Body to 1.
  4. Select the clothing and apply the magnet of the corresponding name.
  5. Adjust magnets if needed. Since all clothing is built and shaped differently the magnets will work differently on each clothing item. If a clothing item does not have all the bodyparts the magnets are assigned to, they will attach to Michael3 instead and cause strange effects. Ignore this, it will not affect your clothing item. NOTE: Long robes often have the entire skirt area as the Hip object. Magnets assigned to Thighs, and Shins may need to be attached to the skirt. Select the needed magnet and in Properties add the new bodypart to the magnet.
  6. Create morphs. You can do this manually by selecting each clothing bodypart and using the Object Spawn morph target command or by using one of several Python morph target spawning scripts (such as those sold by Netherworks in his Clothing Magnet Kit sets which are highly recommended. These magnets will work seamlessly with his entire script set)
  7. Set all your new morphs to 1 and create a Full Body Morph to create the master dial in the body.
  8. Now remove all the magnets and set all the bodypart morphs to 0. Your clothing will now have a new morph that fits M3's morphed shape. Save this clothing item to your library folder. NOTE: In poser 5 and below morphs are saved in the cr2 by default .. in poser6 the default Use Binary Morph targets will save the morphs in a PMD file. To save in the cr2, turn this option off

A blank set of fullbody magnets has been provided to help fit clothing to custom morph targets. These magnets may NOT be resold or distributed.

Morphs made using these magnets are your property and you can do whatever you like with them.

Lyrra Madril

Visit our site for further technical support questions or concerns:

Thank you and enjoy your new products!

DAZ Productions Technical Support\ 12637 South 265 West #300
Draper, UT 84020
Phone:(801) 495-1777
FAX:(801) 495-1787
TOLL-FREE 1-800-267-5170

File Listing

\Runtime\libraries\Props\Brom Morph Fit Magnets\

BROM BackBulge.png
BROM BackBulge.pp2
BROM Backsway.png
BROM BackSway.pp2
BROM BunsR.png
BROM BunsR.pp2
BROM BunsW.png
BROM BunsW.pp2
BROM ChestFemAged.png
BROM ChestFemAged.pp2
BROM ChestFemale.png
BROM ChestFemale.pp2
BROM ChestW.png
BROM ChestW.pp2
BROM FemaleKnee.png
BROM FemaleKnee.pp2
BROM FemaleThigh.png
BROM FemaleThigh.pp2
BROM HeavyArmL.png
BROM HeavyArmL.pp2
BROM HeavyArms.png
BROM HeavyArms.pp2
BROM HeavyArmsU.png
BROM HeavyArmsU.pp2
BROM HeavyBackL.png
BROM HeavyBackL.pp2
BROM HeavyBackU.png
BROM HeavyBackU.pp2
BROM HeavyBelly.png
BROM HeavyBelly.pp2
BROM HeavyBellyF.png
BROM HeavyBellyF.pp2
BROM HeavyCalf.png
BROM HeavyCalf.pp2
BROM HeavyCDI.png
BROM HeavyCDI.pp2
BROM HeavyChest.png
BROM HeavyChest.pp2
BROM HeavyLegs.png
BROM HeavyLegs.pp2
BROM HeavyThigh.png
BROM HeavyThigh.pp2
BROM Hipbones.png
BROM Hipbones.pp2
BROM HipFemale.png
BROM HipFemale.pp2
BROM HipW.png
BROM HipW.pp2
BROM MuscleAbs.png
BROM MuscleAbs.pp2
BROM MuscleAbs1.png
BROM MuscleAbs1.pp2
BROM MuscleAbsF.png
BROM MuscleAbsF.pp2
BROM MuscleArms.png
BROM MuscleArms.pp2
BROM MuscleArmsL.png
BROM MuscleArmsL.pp2
BROM MuscleArmU.png
BROM MuscleArmU.pp2
BROM MuscleBack.png
BROM MuscleBack.pp2
BROM MuscleCalf.png
BROM MuscleCalf.pp2
BROM MuscleCDI.png
BROM MuscleCDI.pp2
BROM MuscleChest.png
BROM MuscleChest.pp2
BROM MuscleLats.png
BROM MuscleLats.pp2
BROM MuscleLeg.png
BROM MuscleLeg.pp2
BROM MuscleNeck.png
BROM MuscleNeck.pp2
BROM MuscleThigh.png
BROM MuscleThigh.pp2
BROM ShoulderW.png
BROM ShoulderW.pp2
BROM SmoothBack.png
BROM SmoothBack.pp2
BROM Thin.png
BROM Thin.pp2
BROM ThinArms.png
BROM ThinArms.pp2
BROM ThinArmsL.png
BROM ThinArmsL.pp2
BROM ThinArmsU.png
BROM ThinArmsU.pp2
BROM ThinCalf.png
BROM ThinCalf.pp2
BROM ThinLegs.png
BROM ThinLegs.pp2
BROM ThinThigh.png
BROM ThinThigh.pp2
BROM ThinTorso.png
BROM ThinTorso.pp2
BROM Tummy.png
BROM Tummy.pp2
BROM Waist.png
BROM Waist.pp2
BROM Waist1.png
BROM Waist1.pp2
BROM WaistFemale.png
BROM WaistFemale.pp2

\Runtime\libraries\Props\M3 Morph Fit Magnets\

!M3 Emaciated.png
!M3 Emaciated.pp2
!M3 Heavy.png
!M3 Heavy.pp2
!M3 Muscular1.png
!M3 Muscular1.pp2
!M3 Muscular2.png
!M3 Muscular2.pp2
!M3 Muscular3.png
!M3 Muscular3.pp2
!M3 Skinny.png
!M3 Skinny.pp2
!M3 Stocky.png
!M3 Stocky.pp2
!M3 Tone.png
!M3 Tone.pp2
!M3 Young.png
!M3 Young.pp2
M3 ArmsHeavy.png
M3 ArmsHeavy.pp2
M3 ArmsThin.png
M3 ArmsThin.pp2
M3 BellyOut.png
M3 BellyOut.pp2
M3 Blank.png
M3 Blank.pp2
M3 CalfBulge.png
M3 CalfBulge.pp2
M3 GluteBig.png
M3 GluteBig.pp2
M3 GluteSmall.png
M3 GluteSmall.pp2
M3 HipNarrow.png
M3 HipNarrow.pp2
M3 HipSmall.png
M3 HipSmall.pp2
M3 Inhale.png
M3 Inhale.pp2
M3 LegsThin.png
M3 LegsThin.pp2
M3 NeckThin.png
M3 NeckThin.pp2
M3 StomachIn.png
M3 StomachIn.pp2
M3 ThighFull.png
M3 ThighFull.pp2
M3 ThighInFull.png
M3 ThighInFull.pp2
M3 ThighThin.png
M3 ThighThin.pp2
M3 ThighWide.png
M3 ThighWide.pp2
M3 TorsoHeavy.png
M3 TorsoHeavy.pp2
M3 TorsoLegHeavy.png
M3 TorsoLegHeavy.pp2
M3 WaistNarrow.png
M3 WaistNarrow.pp2