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Creatura: The Black Widow for Victoria 4


Product: Creatura-The Black Widow for V4
Product Code: ps_ac2138b
DAZ Original: NO
Created By: Will Dupré & MAB
Released: August 13, 2007

Product Information
Required Products: Victoria 4.1 Creature Creator Morphs
You can find new icons for loading this product in the following Libraries:
Figures: “BlackWidow”
Pose: “MAT_BlackWidow”
You can find icons for loading this product in the following DAZ Studio folders:
”People:Victoria 4:Characters:BlackWidow”

Product Notes
The black widow conformer offers easypose controls for all the legs, these controls can be fond in the body of the figure.
The primary control is the BendLegs_All found in the leg movement section, this dial set to 1.0 will put the feet on the floor in default positon.

This set comes with a wide array of full body morphs from the morphs+, Muscular, and Creature Morph sets, while every effort was made to avoid pokethrough, occasionally some pokethrugh can occur with certain extreme abdomen movements, for this reason we have included a morph called AdjustWaist which will widen the waste of the spider torso in order to better fit to the morph.

There is also a scaling morph called DaddyLongLegs. this morph used at 100 percent may cause a bit of distortion in the joints in Poser in certain positions, this is unavoidable due to defects in poser scaling. Studio users won't experience these distortions.

There are two poses in the Poser MAT_BlackWidow library, one pose does the necessary job of hiding Victoria 4's legs while the spider body is used, the other unhides the legs.

Product Updates & Add-Ons
A new version of the Black Widow Body cr2 is availible which includes the Aiko 4 Morphs you can find this new version here:
Willsmind Black Widow Page

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Thank you and enjoy your new products!

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