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Product: Morphia
Product Code: ps_mr302b
DAZ Original: No

Product Information

Product Notes

Morphia is designed to work in Poser 6 and 7. Morphia also works in DAZ Studio, with the exception of the joint poses. However, the joint poses are for use with the Male Muscular and Male Trim body shaping poses, and are not neccessary under most circumstances. See JP and Limits Poses below for more information.

If using Poser, Morphia should be installed in the same Runtime as Victoria 4.2. The Morphia cr2 contains all Morphia morphs, and will load Victoria 4.2 ExP morph packages installed on your system, just as if loading the Victoria 4.2.cr2.

On running Poser, the Morphia figure will show up in the CDI\V4 Morphia\ subcategory of the Figures library. Body shaping poses will be in the CDI\V4 Morphia\ subcategory of the Poses library. Faces will be in the CDI\V4 Morphia\Faces\ subcategory of the Poses library.

With the exception of some throat morphs, Morphia's head morphs can be used with the default Victoria 4.2 body and most clothes.

Abbreviation Key

These are abbreviations used on the morph parameter dials.

W=wide or width
Out=out or outer

The following face labeling denotes whether the face works best as female or male or if it could be either.

FM=Female or Male

Full Body Morphs and Morph Controlled Morphs

Each body/partial body morph provided with Morphia spans several different body parts. Therefore, morphs with the same name should be set to equal values (i.e., the ThinHipbones morph should be set to the same value on the Left Thigh, Right Thigh, Hip and Abdomen). These figure morphs are also set up as full body morphs, and are more easily adjusted by selecting Body from the Current Element dropdown, then adjusting the dial for the morph you wish to apply.

Multi-element morphs controlled by their head morph include CheekJowls, CheekJowls1, ChinW, EarScale, FaceD, FaceD1, FaceLD, FaceFull1, FaceFull2, FaceMuzzle, ForeH, HeadBackD, HeadBackH, HeadBackW, HeadLH, HeadLH1, HeadUW, HeadUW1, HeadMidW, HeadLW, JawH, JawSquare, JawSquareA, ThroatAged1, ThroatHeavy, ThroatHeavyA, and ThroatThin.

Using Body Shaping Poses with Morphia and Morphia's Clothes

You may simply apply a body shaping pose from the CDI\V4 Morphia subcategory of the Poses library to the Morphia figure to attain that body shape. Use the following steps to apply any Capsces' morphed V4 clothing to Morphia:

1. Add Morphia to your scene from the CDI\V4 Morphia\ subcategory of the Figures library.

2. With Morphia's hip or Body selected, add desired Morphia clothing to your scene conforming each by selecting FIGURE/CONFORM TO from the menu bar, then choosing the Morphia figure (usually Figure 1) in the resulting dialog.

3. Select the figure (not an item of clothing) and apply a body shaping pose from the CDI\V4 Morphia\ subcategory of the Poses library. If the morphs do not automatically apply to fit the figure, try selecting Morphia's Body and Copying, then selecting the Body of each clothing item and Pasting.

If you prefer a different body type, you may apply it without losing your pose.

Note that body shaping poses contain only full body morph information, and part morph adjustment made by the user will not be zeroed by the poses. If you want part information zeroed, apply the Zero Body Morphs pose, then the body shaping pose desired.

JP and Limits Poses

Use JPs Male and JPs Male Muscular with the Trim and Muscular body shaping poses to move the arms out from the body when in a lowered position. To use either, simply apply the pose to Morphia and each item of clothing (with collars and shoulders) ending with Morphia. Though applying these joint poses will not significantly change your pose, it will cause a shift, so always apply prior to posing your figure. Be aware that these poses may not work with all clothing items. If this is the case, do not use the joint poses.

These poses will not work in DAZ Studio. As such, if you find the arms sink into the sides too much, you can set MusclesLats to zero to reduce the issue.

EyesClose Limits increases the amount the EyesOpen-Close dial will turn. Though, some eye morphs do not allow the eye to close properly, this file will allow you to close bigger eyes (like EyeToon) more. Only use when needed.

NailsLength Limits increases the amount the NailsLength dial will turn.

Applying Victoria 4.2's Hair to Morphia

Most Victoria 4.2 hair works well with Morphia. However, scaling and/or morph adjustment may be required with some head morphs. When using conforming hair, it may be necessary to parent the hair to Morphia, rather than conforming. This way, you can select the Body of the hair and scale to fit.

Changing Intensity of Facial and Body Poses

Use the following steps to attain varying degrees of intensity from Morphia's facial and body poses:

1. Open the animation tray at the bottom of the Poser window.

2. Using the default 30 frames, move the slider all the way to the right to Frame 30.

3. Apply a facial pose from the CDI\Morphia\Faces\ subcategory of the Poses library or a body pose from the CDI\Morphia\ subcategory of the Poses library.

4. Adjust the slider to taste.

Note that Poser must be set to Full Tracking to see changes from moving the slider. Choose DISPLAY/TRACKING/FULL TRACKING from the menu bar.

Applying Poses Made for Victoria 4.2

Poses created for Victoria 4.2 should work with Morphia though some adjusting will be required with certain morphs. Poses including morph channels may change the values of Morphia's morphs. In this case, you will need to manually adjust the morph settings using the parameter dials, or save the pose to the library without morphs, then apply it to your Morphia character.

Poses that raise the thighs a lot cause the top of V4.2's thighs to flatten, making bulkier thighs look a little odd. So, bend the thighs sparingly when using MusclesThigh or HeavyThigh.

Other Notes

Use DAZ's HeadSize Morphform with the Toonish body shaping pose for an even toonier look.

Rotation of the head should be limited when using ThroatHeavy, ThroatHeavy1, and ThroatAged1 morphs. Neck rotations work better with these morphs.

The head morph ForeCurve is for use with ForeFolds.

Scale and position of eyes may need adjustment when creating custom faces.

Some facial poses will require adjustment to Scale and Translation of hair and other head props.

Most dials do not work well over a value of 1 or below a value of -1 where appropriate. However, there are exceptions.

Some morphs do not work well in combination with others. Most notably, some eye morphs do not work well with the EyesOpen-Close morphs.

Be sure to apply your facial pose before adjusting head dials. If you apply a facial pose after customizing dial settings, the customized settings will be reset by the pose.

Facial poses were created using a focal length of 50mm. Body poses were created using a focal length of 100mm.

Known Issues

  • Due to changes in the Victoria 4.2 update, Morphia's eyebrows are scaled incorrectly. Poser users can download the following pose file, and apply it to Morphia to fix the issue. This eyebrow fix does not work in DAZ Studio. For those using D|S, with Show Hidden Properties checked in the Parameters dropdown, select Morphia's eyebrow. On the Parameters tab, under General, Transforms, be sure all Scale values are at 100. * DAZ Studio has a limit to the number of morph dials it can display. Therefore, using Morphia with morph packages other than Morphs++ may result in missing morph dials. ===== Support ===== Visit our site for further technical support questions or concerns: Go to the downloads section of Capsces Digital Ink for morphs to fit various clothes to Morphia. Thank you and enjoy your new products!