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Screen Legend Hair


Product: Screen Legend Hair
Product Code: ps_ac2277b
DAZ Original: Yes
Created by: Magix 101

Product Information

Required Products: Victoria 4.2 Base, Aiko 4 Base

Product Notes

Notes from the artist:

  • You can find new icons for loading this product in the following Poser Libraries:
    • Figures: “ScreenLegend-Hair”
    • Light: “Screen-Legend-Lights”
    • Pose: “ScreenLegend-Hair”
  • You can find new icons for loading this product in the following DAZ Studio Folders:
    • “Hair:HMann:ScreenLegend-Hair ”

“SCREENLEGEND HAIR 3” COPYRIGHT HARVEY MANN 15TH FEB 2009 All of this products content was created solely by HMann (Harvey Mann). A list of all the files and folders contained in this package are at the bottom of this Read Me file. I can be contacted at [email protected]

Quick Start:

o Fire up your Poser or DAZ application.

o From your Poser application load ScreenLegend-V4 from the “Figures/ ScreenLegend-Hair” menu.

o Go to the Poses “ScreenLegend Hair/ 1-ScreenLegend-Main or 2-ScreenLegend-MPak” menu in your Poser application, make sure Screenlegend-Hair is selected.

o Inject the morphs by double clicking on the top icon “! Screen-Legend-INJ”. (POSER ONLY)

o From your DAZ Studio application load ScreenLegend-V4 from the “Studio/ Hair/ HMann/ ScreenLegend-Hair” menu.

o Go to the “Studio/ Hair/ HMann/ 2-Main-Pak or 3-Master-Pak” “ menu in your DAZ Studio application, make sure Screenlegend-Hair in your DAZ scene is selected.

o Use the !SETUP-MAT icon if you wish to try dialing in the morph dials so you can see the hair clearly.

o Apply any one of the 10 icons below the “INSTANT-STYLES” and “ALL-RESET” icons to get a complete style, complete with shape and textures.

o Apply any one of the MATS below the “FULL-MATS” icon for changing textures only.

o You can also create custom styles by using the morph dials (especially in the Body “Style” section.) * Morph Dials: o First hit the ”!!SETUP“ MAT file so you can see what you are doing.


o STYLES Select the “Body” section of ScreenLegend-Hair, you should see a list of morphs under the heading ”–STYLES–“, each one of these morphs is a full style, so only use one at a time and dial in exactly 1.000 in the dial you choose. EG:- “Bardot 1.000”, all others should be left at 0.000 Next select the hair and that should bring up the “neck” part called “Main-Hair”… the morph dial list will appear before you.

o MAIN Under this heading is a series of morph dials that work on the main body of the hair, simply dial them in one by one to see what ones you need to use to adjust or create a style.

o BANGS Use the same procedure with these morphs, one very important one is “FineBngs-Wide” usually I dial this one in at about 1.000 or less to give the fine bang flys a better spread over the forehead. Use the same procedure as above for the FLY and TAIL morph dials.

o TAIL To get a nice, full looking tail: You can use a default MAT such as ' 1Blonde-Def' or '=1Blonde-FullCap' Then, dial the 'TailStr-Wide” dial to 1.000 you will get a very full looking tail o HEAD All of the above categories are essentially appearance orientated dials, the HEAD dials are for making the hair fit better on morphed Vicky 4 and Vicky 3 characters that might have slightly different head shape or is in an extreme pose (as mentioned earlier).

o CONFORM These dials are for those occassions where one of vickys limbs is in a more extreme position, by dialing these dials in the hair will fit more closely. For example if you lift Vicky 4's left collar up a fair way, then use the LCollar-Up dial to compensate for that pose on Vicky.

o ADJUST The first dial in this section is called Close Fit, if vicky is in a simple standing pose this dial will bring the hair in closer around her shoulders, the original hair model was built to this spec, but it was too snug, so it was added as a dial. The other dials in this section are basically for different shapes of Vickys body,use the sides open or Frnt-XRot morph to make the hair fit, checking that it is closely following her body shape. Make sure the hair section that is closest to Vickys body is not pushing thru, use these morphs for this type of adjustment.

o BREASTS There are a few breast morphs here if she has big breasts, then dial in the big breast morph or if she has smaller breasts dial one of the breast dials in reverse.

o HIDE These are very powerful morphs and you have to be careful using them! # FIRST: You must dial in exactly 1.000 (click in the 0.000 number and type in 1. and hit enter) # The hair part you have selected will disappear, generally only use one of these at a time. # For example if you want to hide the tail hit “Hide-AllTail”, dont use “Hide-FlyTail” as well cause then it will create problems, but you could use “Hide-FBangs” as well because that is a different hair part. # Some of the hide dials such as S-LSide hide sections of the hair to create a certain look, these are very useful, you can also hide another part of the hair as well…provided it is still visible in the current morph. # Generally if you are using pre Set Styles or a lot of morphs you have to be very careful using these dials, because the hair is actually distorted these dials may not set that part to total zero visibility. * Lights

o The Poser rendering Lights are in “Lights/Screen Legend Lights”.

o The DAZ Studio rendering Lights are in Studio: “Hair/ HMann/ ScreenLegend-Hair/ 4-Lights”.

o Remove the lights from your scene and apply any of the sets and adjust them according to your needs.

o In Poser you can go to any of these light sets and apply them without deleting the lights because all sets use the same 5 lights in different positions, with different shadows and colors, so a good idea is to flick thru the sets and use the set that is closest to what you want and fine tune it if you need to.
o In DAZ Studio you will need to delete the lights if you decide to use a new set
o If the render is a bit slow, reduce the map size of one or more of the lights.
o Larger map sizes slow down the render, but create better looking shadows.

Artist's Acknowledgments

Thank you for buying “ScreenLegend-Hair 3 Supreme Pak”, I hope you find it useful in you Poser and DAZ Studio renderings.

COPYRIGHT HARVEY MANN DEC 15TH FEB 2009 All of this products content was created solely by HMann (Harvey Mann).

Known Issues

  • In Poser, some morph crosstalk issues can happen with some of the hair morphs, particularly when using the Screen-Legend-Master Pak add-on. There are a couple of workarounds to those problems; either:
    • Load and conform the SL hair to your chosen figure (V4, for instance). Inject the morphs from the Main Pack into the hair. Save the file then close it. Re-open the file, go directly to the Master Pack, and apply the pose(s) you want. You may have to hit the 'Reset All' icon if the hair styles become distorted. Thanks to WindTrancer and Jan19 for the tip (Platinum Club membership required to access to the thread linked).
    • Start with an empty scene and load the hair, then inject the hair morphs. Save this hair back to the figures library under a new name, like SL+MorphsV4 etc. Now use this hair instead of the original and the preset styles should work fine. Thanks to Anniebel for the tip (Platinum Club membership required to access to the thread linked).
    • Loading the hair in the scene first, injecting the morphs, and only then loading the figure (like V4) and conforming the hair to it may work as well to avoid the problem.


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File Listing


  • This product has X full Poser installer and X installers with DAZ Studio 2+ optimized material presets.
  • Available add-ons: Screen-Legend-Master Pak.