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Fire and Ice


Product: Fire and Ice
Product Code: ca_ob012
DAZ Original: Yes
Created by: Naomi
Released: 2008-08-26

Product Information

Required Products: Carrara 3D Express or Carrara 6.2, Victoria 4.2 Base

Notes from the artist:

  • You can find new presets/files for Carrara in the following folder(s):
    • Presets:Hair:Victoria 4:Fire and Ice
    • Presets:Shaders:Fire and Ice

  • How to install and use the hair
      • After installing this product you still have to load the Folders to Carrara's Content Browser. To load the Dynamic Hair do the following:
  1. In Carrara make sure the Browser is open(Ctrl B) and Click the Browser windows “Objects” Tab which is the second tab on the left.
  2. In the Top right corner of the Browser window click the File/Folder menu icon and choose Add folderfrom the dropdown list.
  3. Now browse to where you installed the Fire and Ice hair during the installation process. The directory path will probably be something like. Carrara 6 Pro\Presets\Hair\Victoria 4\Fire and Ice.
  4. Click the Fire and Ice folder and click OK.
  5. If you look in Carrara's browser window/Objects tab you should see Fire and Ice at the bottom of list of folders. You may have to scroll the list down.
  • You can follow the same steps to load the Fire and Ice Shaders to the shader tabs. Check the Content Directory.txt readme for the directory path location of the different files included in this package.

  • Create a new scene (medium is best). Bring in Victoria 4. Once she is loaded, pen up the hierarchy of V4, so you can see all of the parts.
  • Open up the bottom browser to the objects area, so you can see the hair object. Put your mouse pointer over the hair object and hold down the left button while dragging it over to the properties list on the right. Release the button when the word head is highlighted. This will put the hair into the list and parent it to the head so that it will move along with the head when posing.
  • Left click on the parent of the hair (Fire and Ice), and left click to uncheck visible at the top of the properties list. This will make the skull cap invisible while leaving the hair showing.


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File Listing

: Footprint File For []

: This is a commented line

\Presets\Hair\Victoria 4\Fire and Ice\fire
\Presets\Hair\Victoria 4\Fire and Ice\ice
\Presets\Shaders\Fire and Ice\Cotton Candy hair bangs.cbr
\Presets\Shaders\Fire and Ice\Cotton Candy hair.cbr
\Presets\Shaders\Fire and Ice\Fire hair bangs .cbr
\Presets\Shaders\Fire and Ice\Fire hair.cbr
\Presets\Shaders\Fire and Ice\ice hair bangs .cbr
\Presets\Shaders\Fire and Ice\ice hair.cbr
\Presets\Shaders\Fire and Ice\Silver Streak hair bangs.cbr
\Presets\Shaders\Fire and Ice\Silver Streak hair.cbr
\Presets\Shaders\Fire and Ice\Woodland hair bangs.cbr
\Presets\Shaders\Fire and Ice\Woodland hair.cbr