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ModaCuts AtoE


Product Code: ca_ob141
DAZ Original: Yes
Released: December 2, 2008

ModaCuts AtoE by AprilYSH is a set of Carrara Dynamic Hairs on a poly modelled morphing scalp prop available at

The hair comes in .car format requiring Carrara 6 or Carrara 3d Express. The package also comes with .pz2 format fit presets for fitting the popular DAZ Millennium figures. See product page for feature list.

The preset fits are for DAZ3d Michael 3, David, Hiro 3 (+Realistic), Luke, Matt, MilBaby 3, Victoria 4, Victoria 3, Stephanie Petite 3, Aiko 3 (+Realistic), Laura, Maddie, Aiko 4 (+ Realistic, American, Realistic Classic, Stylized), and also Apollo Maximus


In Carrara content browser, you will find the items in:
Content > Presets > Hair > ModaCuts (for the hair objects)
Content > (Your Runtime) > Poses > ModaCuts (for the fit presets)

To use the hair:

  1. Load your human figure, such as DAZ Victoria 4.
  2. BEFORE MOVING THE FIGURE, load a ModaCuts hair.
  3. Apply Scalp fit for your human figure or manually fit the hair. 1)
  4. Use custom fit dials if you have customised your base figure. For example, if you have Aiko with Realistic set to 0.6 then set the hair's Realistic dial also to 0.6
  5. Parent the scalp and hair to the figure's head and you may now pose your figure while the hair remains attached to its head.

Basic knowledge of Carrara preset content useage is required. If you are new to Carrara, please take the time to do some tutorials to learn how to load, use and modify preset content.

Additional Images

Click for full size:

Skull Cap Fit Presets

The included fit presets for the morphing scalp prop are shown in the following image. 2) To use just the skull cap, load one of the ModaCuts as per instructions above, then remove the Carrara Hair, leaving only the scalp object. Then you may proceed to grow your own Carrara Hair.


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File Listing



Scalp fit Aiko3.png
Scalp fit Aiko4.png
Scalp fit Apollo.png
Scalp fit David.png
Scalp fit Hiro3.png
Scalp fit Laura.png
Scalp fit Luke.png
Scalp fit Maddie.png
Scalp fit Matt.png
Scalp fit Michael3.png
Scalp fit MilBaby3.png
Scalp fit StephPetite3.png
Scalp fit Victoria3.png
Scalp fit Victoria4.png
Scalp fit Aiko3.pz2
Scalp fit Aiko4.pz2
Scalp fit Apollo.pz2
Scalp fit David.pz2
Scalp fit Hiro3.pz2
Scalp fit Laura.pz2
Scalp fit Luke.pz2
Scalp fit Maddie.pz2
Scalp fit Matt.pz2
Scalp fit Michael3.pz2
Scalp fit MilBaby3.pz2
Scalp fit StephPetite3.pz2
Scalp fit Victoria3.pz2
Scalp fit Victoria4.pz2

1) , 2)
Fits presets are provided in the Content browser: Content > (Your Runtime) > Poses > ModaCuts.