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Product: CharmingAffair
Product Code: ps_ac1915
DAZ Original: No
Created By: Desideria
Released: February 20, 2008

Product Information

Required Products: Victoria 4.2 Base

Icons for loading this product in the following Poser libraries:

  • Figures: “CharmingAffair”
  • Pose: “CharmingAffair”

Product consists of:

Two clothing figures (CR2 & OBJ)

  • One Dress with crosstalk
  • One Dress without crosstalk

3 Stylish Textures

  • Blue Jean (3500×3500)
  • Blue Silk (3500×3500)
  • Black Flowered Knit (3500×3500)


  • Black texture, bump, and displacement map (3500 x 3500)
  • Blue texture, bump, transparency, and displacement map (3500 x 3500)
  • Jeans texture, bump, transparency, and displacement map (3500 x 3500)

MAT Pose files to apply all options (.PZ2)

Product Notes

Load and conform clothing then load desired props.

Known Issues

  • None


Visit our site for further technical support questions or concerns:

Thank you and enjoy your new products!

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Draper, UT 84020
Phone:(801) 495-1777
FAX:(801) 495-1787
TOLL-FREE 1-800-267-5170

File listing

Charming Affair









CADress-CT.cr2 CADress-CT.png CADress-noCT.cr2 CADress-noCT.png



CADress-Black.png CADress-Black.pz2 CADress-Blue.png CADress-Blue.pz2 CADress-Jeans.png CADress-Jeans.pz2






   Victoria 4.2
        o FBMAmazon
        o FBMBulk
        o FBMFitness
        o FBMHeavy
        o FBMPearFigure
        o FBMThin
        o FBMVoluptuous
        o FBMYoung
        o PBMInhale
        o PBMLatsSize
        o PBMTrapsSize
        o PBMAreolaPerk
        o PBMBreastDownL
        o PBMBreastDownR
        o PBMBreastInL
        o PBMBreastInR
        o PBMBreastOutL
        o PBMBreastOutR
        o PBMBreastsCleavage
        o PBMBreastsDiameter
        o PBMBreastsFlatten
        o PBMBreastsHangForward
        o PBMBreastsImplant
        o PBMBreastsNatural
        o PBMBreastsPerk
        o PBMBreastsSize
        o PBMBreastUpL
        o PBMBreastUpR
        o PBMNipples
        o PBMNipplesDepth
        o PBMNipplesHeight
        o PBMBellySmooth
        o PBMBellyThickness
        o PBMHipsCrest
        o PBMHipsSize
        o PBMLoveHandleL
        o PBMLoveHandleR
        o PBMNavelDepth
        o PBMPregnant
        o PBMStomachDepth
        o PBMTorsoThickness
        o PBMTummyOut
        o PBMWaistWidth
        o PBMGluteRaiseL
        o PBMGluteRaiseR
        o PBMGlutesSize
        o PBMThighsThickness
        o PBMThighsTone 
   Aiko 4.0
        o A4 AikoBody
        o A4 AikoPetite
        o A4 Realistic
        o A4 Stylized 
   Adjustment Morphs
        o Skirt_HipSmall (For use with Jeans Texture)
        o PBMAdjustButtocks
        o PBMAdjustHips
        o PBMAdjustThighs
        o PBMAdjustTorsoUp
        o PBMAdjustWaist
        o PBMAdjustForearms
        o PBMAdjustNeck
        o PBMAdjustShldrs
        o PBMAdjustThighs
        o Fit_rCollar
        o Fit_lCollar
        o Loosen_rCollar
        o Loosen_lCollar
        o Sitting
        o Skirt_Back
        o JCMCollarBendL
        o JCMCollarBendR
        o JCMChestBendFront
        o JCMElbowBendR
        o JCMElbowBendL 


  • Texture templates available for download on the product page.