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Rose Curls: Color and Movement


Product: Rose Curls: Color and Movement
Product Code: ps_tx1655b
DAZ Original: No
Released: February 21, 2008

Product Information

Notes From The Artist

You can find new icons for loading this product in the following Poser Libraries:
Pose: “RoseCurls CnM:RC Colors”
Pose: “RoseCurls CnM:RC Colors Mix”
Pose: “RoseCurls CnM:RC Styles”

Add the base “00 _Inject Morphs” morphs to the hair to use the RC Styling morphs included with this product.
The “00 _Inject Morphs” are located in the Rose Curls base install.

File Listing

<p>..\Runtime\Libraries\Pose\RoseCurls CnM\RC Colors\<br> 01Black RoseCurls.png<br> 01Black RoseCurls.pz2<br> 02Brownie RoseCurls.png<br> 02Brownie RoseCurls.pz2<br> 03Chocolate RoseCurls.png<br> 03Chocolate RoseCurls.pz2<br> 04Chestnut RoseCurls.png<br> 04Chestnut RoseCurls.pz2<br> 05Coffee RoseCurls.png<br> 05Coffee RoseCurls.pz2<br> 06Earth RoseCurls.png<br> 06Earth RoseCurls.pz2<br> 07Wine RoseCurls.png<br> 07Wine RoseCurls.pz2<br> 08Mahogany RoseCurls.png<br> 08Mahogany RoseCurls.pz2<br> 09Plum RoseCurls.png<br> 09Plum RoseCurls.pz2<br> 10Cherry RoseCurls.png<br> 10Cherry RoseCurls.pz2<br> 11Auburn RoseCurls.png<br> 11Auburn RoseCurls.pz2<br> 12Copper RoseCurls.png<br> 12Copper RoseCurls.pz2<br> 13Bronze RoseCurls.png<br> 13Bronze RoseCurls.pz2<br> 14Walnut RoseCurls.png<br> 14Walnut RoseCurls.pz2<br> 15Sandy RoseCurls.png<br> 15Sandy RoseCurls.pz2<br> 16Brass RoseCurls.png<br> 16Brass RoseCurls.pz2<br> 17Golden RoseCurls.png<br> 17Golden RoseCurls.pz2<br> 18Honey RoseCurls.png<br> 18Honey RoseCurls.pz2<br> 19Butter RoseCurls.png<br> 19Butter RoseCurls.pz2<br> 20Platinum RoseCurls.png<br> 20Platinum RoseCurls.pz2<br> 21Silver RoseCurls.png<br> 21Silver RoseCurls.pz2<br> 22Steel RoseCurls.png<br> 22Steel RoseCurls.pz2<br> 23BlueMagic RoseCurls.png<br> 23BlueMagic RoseCurls.pz2<br> 24Lilac RoseCurls.png<br> 24Lilac RoseCurls.pz2<br> 25Berry RoseCurls.png<br> 25Berry RoseCurls.pz2<br> 26BlueVelvet RoseCurls.png<br> 26BlueVelvet RoseCurls.pz2<br> 27Grape RoseCurls.png<br> 27Grape RoseCurls.pz2<br> 28Onion RoseCurls.png<br> 28Onion RoseCurls.pz2<br> 29Avacado RoseCurls.png<br> 29Avacado RoseCurls.pz2<br> 30Carrot RoseCurls.png<br> 30Carrot RoseCurls.pz2<br> <br> ..\Runtime\Libraries\Pose\RoseCurls CnM\RC Colors Mix\<br> 31Mix RoseCurls.png<br> 31Mix RoseCurls.pz2<br> 32Mix RoseCurls.png<br> 32Mix RoseCurls.pz2<br> 33Mix RoseCurls.png<br> 33Mix RoseCurls.pz2<br> 34Mix RoseCurls.png<br> 34Mix RoseCurls.pz2<br> 35Mix RoseCurls.png<br> 35Mix RoseCurls.pz2<br> 36Mix RoseCurls.png<br> 36Mix RoseCurls.pz2<br> 37Mix RoseCurls.png<br> 37Mix RoseCurls.pz2<br> 38Mix RoseCurls.png<br> 38Mix RoseCurls.pz2<br> 39Mix RoseCurls.png<br> 39Mix RoseCurls.pz2<br> 40Mix RoseCurls.png<br> 40Mix RoseCurls.pz2<br> 41Mix RoseCurls.png<br> 41Mix RoseCurls.pz2<br> 42Mix RoseCurls.png<br> 42Mix RoseCurls.pz2<br> 43Mix RoseCurls.png<br> 43Mix RoseCurls.pz2<br> 44Mix RoseCurls.png<br> 44Mix RoseCurls.pz2<br> 45Mix RoseCurls.png<br> 45Mix RoseCurls.pz2<br> 46Mix RoseCurls.png<br> 46Mix RoseCurls.pz2<br> 47Mix RoseCurls.png<br> 47Mix RoseCurls.pz2<br> 48Mix RoseCurls.png<br> 48Mix RoseCurls.pz2<br> 49Mix RoseCurls.png<br> 49Mix RoseCurls.pz2<br> 50Mix RoseCurls.png<br> 50Mix RoseCurls.pz2<br> <br> ..\Runtime\Libraries\Pose\RoseCurls CnM\RC Styles\<br> Style RC 00.png<br> Style RC 00.pz2<br> Style RC 01.png<br> Style RC 01.pz2<br> Style RC 02.png<br> Style RC 02.pz2<br> Style RC 03.png<br> Style RC 03.pz2<br> Style RC 04.png<br> Style RC 04.pz2<br> Style RC 05.png<br> Style RC 05.pz2<br> Style RC 06.png<br> Style RC 06.pz2<br> Style RC 07.png<br> Style RC 07.pz2<br> Style RC 08.png<br> Style RC 08.pz2<br> Style RC 09.png<br> Style RC 09.pz2<br> Style RC 10.png<br> Style RC 10.pz2<br> Style RC 11.png<br> Style RC 11.pz2<br> Style RC 12.png<br> Style RC 12.pz2<br> Style RC 13.png<br> Style RC 13.pz2<br> Style RC 14.png<br> Style RC 14.pz2<br> Style RC 15.png<br> Style RC 15.pz2<br> Style RC 16.png<br> Style RC 16.pz2<br> Style RC 17.png<br> Style RC 17.pz2<br> Style RC 18.png<br> Style RC 18.pz2<br> Style RC 19.png<br> Style RC 19.pz2<br> Style RC 20.png<br> Style RC 20.pz2<br> Style RC 21.png<br> Style RC 21.pz2<br> Style RC 22.png<br> Style RC 22.pz2<br> Style RC 23.png<br> Style RC 23.pz2<br> Style RC 24.png<br> Style RC 24.pz2<br> Style RC 25.png<br> Style RC 25.pz2<br> Style RC 26.png<br> Style RC 26.pz2<br> Style RC 27.png<br> Style RC 27.pz2<br> Style RC 28.png<br> Style RC 28.pz2<br> Style RC 29.png<br> Style RC 29.pz2<br> Style RC 30.png<br> Style RC 30.pz2<br> Style RC 31.png<br> Style RC 31.pz2<br> Style RC 32.png<br> Style RC 32.pz2<br> Style RC 33.png<br> Style RC 33.pz2<br> Style RC 34.png<br> Style RC 34.pz2<br> Style RC 35.png<br> Style RC 35.pz2<br> Style RC 36.png<br> Style RC 36.pz2<br> Style RC 37.png<br> Style RC 37.pz2<br> Style RC 38.png<br> Style RC 38.pz2<br> Style RC 39.png<br> Style RC 39.pz2<br> Style RC 40.png<br> Style RC 40.pz2<br> Style RC 41.png<br> Style RC 41.pz2<br> Style RC 42.png<br> Style RC 42.pz2<br> Style RC 43.png<br> Style RC 43.pz2<br> Style RC 44.png<br> Style RC 44.pz2<br> Style RC 45.png<br> Style RC 45.pz2<br> Style RC 46.png<br> Style RC 46.pz2<br> Style RC 47.png<br> Style RC 47.pz2<br> Style RC 48.png<br> Style RC 48.pz2<br> Style RC 49.png<br> Style RC 49.pz2<br> Style RC 50.png<br> Style RC 50.pz2<br> <br> ..\Runtime\Textures\McI\RoseCurls\<br> Mci01RCc.jpg<br> Mci01RCh.jpg<br> Mci02RCc.jpg<br> Mci02RCh.jpg<br> Mci03RCc.jpg<br> Mci03RCh.jpg<br> Mci04RCc.jpg<br> Mci04RCh.jpg<br> Mci05RCc.jpg<br> Mci05RCh.jpg<br> Mci06RCc.jpg<br> Mci06RCh.jpg<br> Mci07RCc.jpg<br> Mci07RCh.jpg<br> Mci08RCc.jpg<br> Mci08RCh.jpg<br> Mci09RCc.jpg<br> Mci09RCh.jpg<br> Mci10RCc.jpg<br> Mci10RCh.jpg<br> Mci11RCc.jpg<br> Mci11RCh.jpg<br> Mci12RCc.jpg<br> Mci12RCh.jpg<br> Mci13RCc.jpg<br> Mci13RCh.jpg<br> Mci14RCc.jpg<br> Mci14RCh.jpg<br> Mci15RCc.jpg<br> Mci15RCh.jpg<br> Mci16RCc.jpg<br> Mci16RCh.jpg<br> Mci17RCc.jpg<br> Mci17RCh.jpg<br> Mci18RCc.jpg<br> Mci18RCh.jpg<br> Mci19RCc.jpg<br> Mci19RCh.jpg<br> Mci20RCc.jpg<br> Mci20RCh.jpg<br> Mci21RCc.jpg<br> Mci21RCh.jpg<br> Mci22RCc.jpg<br> Mci22RCh.jpg<br> Mci23RCc.jpg<br> Mci23RCh.jpg<br> Mci24RCc.jpg<br> Mci24RCh.jpg<br> Mci25RCc.jpg<br> Mci25RCh.jpg<br> Mci26RCc.jpg<br> Mci26RCh.jpg<br> Mci27RCc.jpg<br> Mci27RCh.jpg<br> Mci28RCc.jpg<br> Mci28RCh.jpg<br> Mci29RCc.jpg<br> Mci29RCh.jpg<br> Mci30RCc.jpg<br> Mci30RCh.jpg<br> MciRCHg.jpg<br>


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