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Sayuri Expansion Pack

Product: Sayuri Expansion Pack
Product Code: ps_ac2386b
Programs Supported: Poser 5+, DAZ|Studio
DAZ Original: No
Published Artists: Arien, Surreality
Released: March 8, 2008

Sayuri Expansion Pack is a set of hair textures and accessories created as a complement for Sayuri Hair, although several items in it are stand-alone


  • one new hr2 file with 16 more character fitting morphs
  • 7 smart props to add to Sayuri hair (or any other) and change its looks
  • 56 new hair colours, 42 new extras styles (14 for each of the bands and feathers) and 30 styles for each of the accessories, to go with the hair and extras styles in the original and expansion packs.

Using the Expansion Pack

Load Sayuri Hair Expansion from your Hair folder, under WyrdSisters\Sayuri Hair. This is an hr2 hair prop, so make sure you have your figure selected when loading it. To load any of the accessories, look under your Props\WyrdSisters\Sayuri Hair folder. You will find seven smart props that can be used both with the set, and individually with other hairs for an extra touch of interest.

Supported Figures

In addition to the original fits for Sayuri Hair, the Expansion Pack adds fits for the following figures:

  • DAZ Characters: Hiro, Realistic, Michael 3, David, Freak, Luke/Laura and The Girl
  • Other Characters sold at DAZ: BelBel, ChibiBel, Sadie
  • Smith Micro Characters: Miki 2, Koji 2, Terai Yuki 2, NearMe
  • Other Characters: Ball Joint Doll, Apollo

You only need one of the above to use the hair.

Material Zones

There are 56 new hair colours, found in your poses folder, under WyrdSisters\Sayuri Colors. Conversely, there are also 42 new styles for the hair band and feathers (16 each), found at Poses\WyrdSisters\Sayuri Extras. The mat poses for the new Accessories can be found under Poses\WyrdSisters\SayuriDeco, and a total of 448 partial poses to apply any of the new colours individually to selected areas.

Mat Poses

The MAT poses for the basic hair can be found under Poses\WyrdSisters\ Sayuri Hair Colours. These poses will apply just the hair colours. To get the desired hair band and feather colours, go to the Sayuri Hair Extras folder. There you will find MAT poses to change the colours individually for the hair band and each of the feather groups, and also to turn them invisible if you don’t want to use them for the render.

Extra MAT poses and Materials

Extra MAT poses and Materials: There are also new Mat poses for the chignon and Tails to match the original hair colours; these can be found in the original folders, under Poses\WyrdSisters\Sayuri Hair Partials for 7-Chignon and 8-Tails. Tails and Pins material (mt5): Due to a limitation of Poser, the same Material Pose can’t be applied to duplicate props parented to the same figure, and the new mats will instead apply just to the original prop. Because of this, we have included individual materials to use for the tails and pins, as these are the ones more likely to be duplicated. To apply these go into the material room, navigate through Materials\Wyrd Sisters\Sayuri Hair\Sayuri Partials to find the material you need to apply; make sure the correct tails or pins are selected when you use these.

The Accessories

There are seven accessories including in Sayuri Hair Expansion, all of which load in place for the default V4 fit. You can find these in your Props\WyrdSisters\Sayuri Hair folder.

  • Chignon: a standard chignon to replace the topknot in the base set. Use the pose provided to turn the whole of the topknot invisible
  • DecoPin: a Chinese and Japanese-inspired pin with hanging decoration, with morphs to swing each side separately backwards, forwards, left and right
  • Fan: a Japanese-inspired fan for decoration; size down for a smaller, more subtle hair style; turn the fan and spokes invisible to get just a comb, or turn the comb invisible and size up to have a full fan
  • Fork: inspired by the Japanese double pins, with a fantasy twist; the trinket at the top can swing in all four directions
  • Pin: standard pin found in most eastern styles, can be used individually or duplicated, or combined with other accessories
  • Plumes: long plumes for a touch of extravagance, can be used with the standard hair, where it combines with the other feathers, or with the chignon, coming out of it.
  • Tails: a higher polygon version of the tails of the original Sayuri Hair, they can be used to add more tails to the original hair, as a replacement of the existing ones if higher poly count is desired, or as add-ons with other hair styles. The morphs included are the same as for the Back Strands in the standard Sayuri Hair hr2.

Fit Poses

If you are using the hair with a different figure than the default V4, use the morph in the hair as explained above, then use the relevant pose for the item and character found under WyrdSisters\Sayuri Deco Fits

Using the accesories with other items

These accessories can be used with other hair figures, and scaled up or down. Just select the hair or head of the character you want to use them with, load them from the props folder, and scale/move/rotate as necessary to fit into place. The effect can revitalise an otherwise “normal” hair and make it suitable for other uses. Below, an example of the Sayuri Hair accessories used with Natsumy Hair



Each of the materials listed above has been converted by hand into a Studio shader to create the best possible look. Unlike the Poser Mats, the Studio shaders for the full colours load the whole of the textures, including the feathers and hair band. You can find the Studio materials in your Studio folder, under content\hair\Sayuri Hair. The organisation of the shaders follows the same pattern as the Poser ones, with the exception of the Tails, that can use the Long Strands Partial Shaders, and the Chignon, that can use the TopKnot Partial shaders. There are also further instructions included, as for certain shaders you will have to select the individual material to apply it to in the surface tab. These material settings use Studio's own native Shaders, no extra plugins are required.


With the new subD functionality introduced with Studio 2.0, you can subdivide any of your content for a smoother appearance. It is suggested that you do this sparingly, although it can really enhance the final results if applied judiciously. To apply subD to any of the items in the package, proceed as follows:

  1. Set up your scene, pose, light, apply shaders as normal. Once you’re ready to do the final render, go to the scene palette and select the item you want subdivided. Go to Edit/Convert to subD.
  2. You will get a dialogue informing you about LoD settings. Click Yes. We suggest a single level of subdivision at render time; it isn’t necessary to subdivide in the viewport.

Base Product

This hair was released by Arien and Surreality