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CatGirl for Victoria 4 and Aiko 4


Product: CatGirl for V4/A4

Product Notes:

Material presets for this set have been created for Both Poser and DAZ Studio. Users of DAZ Studio should install the studio installer to use Studio optimized material presets.

The Whiskers are designed to change positions with the movements of the mouth. these settings should work with all versions of Poser and DAZ studio.

In some situations finger movement may cause pokethrough in the gloves, a hide hands pose has been included in the MAT_A4V4Catgirl folder to hide Victoria's hands in these circumstances.

Master Tail EasyPose controls can be found in the Body of the tail.

The front skirt of the bikini bottoms may poke into the legs in some positions, a set of morphs have been included to adjust the skirt to fit all but very extreme leg positions their dials can be found in the body of the bikini bottoms.