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Tanis for V4.2


Product: Abraxas
Product Code: ps_mr375b
DAZ Original: Yes
Created by: 3DSublime
Released: March 30, 2008

Product Information

Required Products: Aiko 4 Base, Victoria 4.2 Morphs + +

You can find new icons for loading this product in the following Poser libraries:

  • Pose:
    • “3DSublimeCharacters:MAT_Tanis:DEF MATS”
    • “3DSublimeCharacters:MAT_Tanis:MAT EYES”
    • “3DSublimeCharacters:MAT_Tanis:MAT MAKEUPS”
    • “3DSublimeCharacters:MAT_Tanis:Tanis Morphs”
  • Materials:
    • “3DSublimeCharacters:!MAT_Tanis:DEF EYE Materials”
    • “3DSublimeCharacters:!MAT_Tanis:DEF MAT Materials”
    • “3DSublimeCharacters:!MAT_Tanis:DEF MU Materials”

Product Notes

Material Presets for DAZ Studio and Poser now Consolidated

  • DAZ Studio Users:
    • You will no longer need to go to a separate DAZ Studio folder to apply the DAZ Studio Material Presets. Simply apply the MAT Pose from the Poser Pose directory.
    • There is no longer a separate DAZ Studio installer for the DAZ Studio Presets.
  • Poser Users:
    • It is recommended that you do not delete the .DSB files from within the product's MAT Pose directory. They will not show up as extra files within Poser, but are required to use the product with DAZ Studio 2.0.
  • The MORMAT Poses apply the texture and the morph all in one application.

Details on Material Preset changes:

  • DAZ Studio 2.0 has a new function that allows DAZ Studio and Poser MAT Pose files (and other presets) to co-exist within the same directory while only displaying a single set of files to the user within the Content Tab.
  • If both DAZ Studio and Poser MAT Pose files are installed, DAZ Studio will automatically apply the DAZ Studio MAT Pose file and ignore the Poser version.
  • If no DAZ Studio MAT Pose file is found, but the Poser MAT Pose file is installed, then DAZ Studio will apply the Poser MAT Pose file.
  • Both the Poser (.PZ2) and DAZ Studio (.DS or .DSB) files will share one thumbnail. No matter which program you use, the correct settings will be loaded, as each program effectively ignores the other program's files. This eliminates the need to install two separate files – Poser files to one location, and DAZ Studio Presets to another location.
  • This is backwards compatible with most content. As long as your .DS or .DSB is named exactly the same as the .PZ2, they will function correctly and you may consolidate your presets to a single directory manually, if you choose. This will also work with any Poser and DAZ Studio files of the same type. For example: Poser .LT2 Light Presets and DAZ Studio .DS or .DSB Light Presets can be combined in this way. Poser .CM2 Camera Presets and DAZ Studio .DS Camera Presets can be combined in this way.


  • Currently, if you have a Poser Prop or Figure file that loads an Object and also applies textures, placing a .DS or .DSB by the same name in the same folder will cause DAZ Studio to load the Materials outlined by the DAZ Studio .DS preset file ONLY. It will not load the object, so will not work correctly.

Notes Added By the Artist

3DSublimeProductions introduces Tanis for V4.2

Tanis: Greek from the Phoenician Tanith, meaning “serpent lady”

She can be beautiful, and full of mystery, dangerous, and feared, loved and hated. No matter what she is, one thing is for sure - she will find a place in your heart and you will get hours and hours of rendering pleasure.

Tanis can actually be three different characters in one, as she comes with a custom sculpted head morph, as well as a head morph created from DAZ Dials. You can use them together, applying the custom morph, and then the DAZ Dialed one, or you can use Tanis with either the custom, or the dials - either way, we know you'll love her.

Tanis Comes with:

P5+ Material Poses (.PZ2)
P6+ Material Presets (.MC6)
DAZ Studio Material Presets (.DS)

Additionally, Tanis was optimized to work with Poser versions 5 thru 7. Her skin shaders are designed to simulate a more realistic skin when rendered in with the Firefly render engine.

Please take in mind that skin shaders of this kind rely a lot on light, and individual render settings. Please consider this when seting up your final render time, as options such as: Produce Shadows, Ambient Occlusion, etc may increase overall render time.


Visit our site for further technical support questions or concerns:

Thank you and enjoy your new products!

DAZ Productions Technical Support
12637 South 265 West #300
Draper, UT 84020
Phone:(801) 495-1777
FAX:(801) 495-1787
TOLL-FREE 1-800-267-5170

File Listing

Tanis for V4.2






\Runtime\Libraries\Materials\3DSublimeCharacters\!MAT_Tanis\DEF EYE Materials\

Tanis I Blue 1.mc6

Tanis I Blue 1.png

Tanis I Brown 2.mc6

Tanis I Brown 2.png

Tanis I Brown.mc6

Tanis I Brown.png

Tanis I Green 1.mc6

Tanis I Green 1.png

Tanis I Green 2.mc6

Tanis I Green 2.png

Tanis I Green 3.mc6

Tanis I Green 3.png

Tanis I Grey.mc6

Tanis I Grey.png

\Runtime\Libraries\Materials\3DSublimeCharacters\!MAT_Tanis\DEF MAT Materials\

DEF Tanis Eye.mc6

DEF Tanis Eye.png

DEF Tanis MAT.mc6

DEF Tanis MAT.png

DEF Tanis MU.mc6

DEF Tanis MU.png

\Runtime\Libraries\Materials\3DSublimeCharacters\!MAT_Tanis\DEF MU Materials\

Tanis MU 1.mc6

Tanis MU 1.png

Tanis MU 2.mc6

Tanis MU 2.png

Tanis MU 3.mc6

Tanis MU 3.png

Tanis MU 4.mc6

Tanis MU 4.png

Tanis MU 5.mc6

Tanis MU 5.png

Tanis MU OFF.mc6

Tanis MU OFF.png

\Runtime\Libraries\Pose\3DSublimeCharacters\MAT_Tanis\DEF MATS\

Tanis DEF MAT.ds

Tanis DEF MAT.png

Tanis DEF MAT.pz2

Tanis DEF MU.ds

Tanis DEF MU.png

Tanis DEF MU.pz2

Tanis I DEF.ds

Tanis I DEF.png

Tanis I DEF.pz2

\Runtime\Libraries\Pose\3DSublimeCharacters\MAT_Tanis\MAT EYES\

Tanis I Blue 1.ds

Tanis I Blue 1.png

Tanis I Blue 1.pz2

Tanis I Brown 2.ds

Tanis I Brown 2.png

Tanis I Brown 2.pz2

Tanis I Brown.ds

Tanis I Brown.png

Tanis I Brown.pz2

Tanis I Green 1.ds

Tanis I Green 1.png

Tanis I Green 1.pz2

Tanis I Green 2.ds

Tanis I Green 2.png

Tanis I Green 2.pz2

Tanis I Green 3.ds

Tanis I Green 3.png

Tanis I Green 3.pz2

Tanis I Grey.ds

Tanis I Grey.png

Tanis I Grey.pz2

\Runtime\Libraries\Pose\3DSublimeCharacters\MAT_Tanis\MAT MAKEUPS\

Tanis MU 1.ds

Tanis MU 1.png

Tanis MU 1.pz2

Tanis MU 2.ds

Tanis MU 2.png

Tanis MU 2.pz2

Tanis MU 3.ds

Tanis MU 3.png

Tanis MU 3.pz2

Tanis MU 4.ds

Tanis MU 4.png

Tanis MU 4.pz2

Tanis MU 5.ds

Tanis MU 5.png

Tanis MU 5.pz2

Tanis MU OFF.ds

Tanis MU OFF.png

Tanis MU OFF.pz2

\Runtime\Libraries\Pose\3DSublimeCharacters\MAT_Tanis\Tanis Morphs\