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Cave System: Cliff Entrance

Product: Cave System: Cliff Entrance
Product Code: ps_ac2499b
DAZ Original: NO
Created By: Nerd3D
Released: April 3, 2008

Product Information

  • You can find new icons for loading this product in the following Poser libraries:
    • Figures: “Nerd 3D:Cave System”
    • Materials: “Nerd 3D:Cave System:Entrance”
    • Pose: “Nerd 3D:Cave System:Entrance”


  • Poser 5 and newer or DAZ Studio 2 and newer


The Nerd3D Cave Entrance is a collection of Figures that can be used as set pieces in Poser and DAZ|Studio.


The Cave Entrance contains 3 figures that can be used to create a unique cave system for your scenes. The center piece is the Cave Entrance it is posable and the flanks can be hidden to give camera access for interior shots. There are 2 Lair Figures the East and West halves. The Snag Tree is posable and can be used as a character in your scene or as a simple prop.

The east and west halves of the cave entrance passage use a special trick to keep them in sync while posing. The east and west sections are actually separate parts, but the posing dials are linked so they move together. Is some versions of Poser there may be a slight delay while the other piece catches up. Wiggling the mouse over the scene will usually force it to catch up the pose.

The east and west lair halves are built with exactly the same figure setup. If you apply the same pose to an East and West section they will fit together seamlessly. The morphs are also seamless. Apply the full body morphs (Full cave morphs?) to both halves and the morph will be exactly the same at the seam between the two halves.

If you have the Cave System the materials for the “End” pieces will work on the Lair Section of this set. This allows you to use the Liar instead of an End piece in your cave systems.

Here's a quick and easy way to copy a pose from one figure to another in Poser. Load an pose your first half of the cave. Switch your Memory Dots to “Pose” and click a blank dot. Load the second half of the cave make sure it's selected and click the Memory Dot you just set. That copies the pose but not the FBM's. Now select the BODY of the first piece. Press [ctrl]+C or select Edit > Copy. Now select the BODY os the second piece. Press [ctrl]+V or Edit > Paste. There you go. Both halves should line up perfectly. You can clear the Memory dot by [Alt]+Clicking the dot.

You can do the same thing in DAZ Studio but you will need to actually save the pose to the library then apply it to the other second figure.

All the pieces also have a flange around the edge this is to make cross section scenes easier. There is a morph in each section to expand the flange so it can fill the screen. If you don't want a flange use the Invisible material to hide it.

Keep in mind that the morphs that expand the caves also limit the flexibility. If you a tight turn in a passage then dial in some “Wide” morph you may cause the cave to poke through it's self. The Joints in the cave are built without limits to give you the ultimate freedom in posing your cave. This also means you will need to be careful not to fold the cave over on it's self so far that it pokes though.


When I move the cave the other half why doesn't the other half move with it? The linked dials in Poser may take a moment to catch up. Just wiggle the mouse over the scene to force Poser to redraw the scene.

Can I just conform the East and West halves of the Lair? Unfortunately this doesn't work.

How do I line the pieces up end to end? In Poser: The cave sections are 74.44 Poser “Feet” long when meshed together. This comes in handy when placing the sections. With your units set to feet, just add (or subtract) 74.44 to the trans dial. In DAZ Studio: In the scene tab, multi-select the cave components along one side of the cave in the order you wish to line them up then using Align Ace. For sections moving “away” from you set the Z Axis button as “Stack Behind” and then hit “Apply.” For sections that go side to side like the branch pieces use the X Axis and choose “Stack to Left” or “Stack to Right”. Repeat for the other side of the cave.

It's a pain to line up the sections after they are posed. Is there an easier way? Parent the tubes before you pose them. If you are going to hook two Passages together parent the body of the second to the last piece of the first section. Now when you pose the first section the second will always follow.

How can I tell which ends fit together? It doesn't really matter in this set, but the first section is the root of the figure and it will be easier to pose of that is mated up to the end section.

East, West, I didn't know poser had a compass? These are stage directions. Imagine that Poser Dork is facing North when he loads. East will be to his right, stage right.

Why does the whole scene render black? The caves do cast shadows. You will need to put some spot or point lights inside the caves to get light in there. You may also want to add an infinite light set to not cast shadows. If you make it a dark blue you can get the Hollywood style blue for darkness effect.

Why do I see gaps and holes in the cave? Smooth polygons may need to be turned off. Sometimes smoothing helps sometimes it doesn't.

Why don't the materials apply in DAZ Studio? You have to selecth object two ways before applying a meterial preset. First select the object from the Scene Tab and then select the surfaces from the Surfaces Tab. If you only select the surfaces, nothing will happen when you apply the preset.

I need more help, how can I contact you? I'm best reached by sending me a Private Message from the Nerd3D Forum. You will need to register, but this will insure that we can communicate without worrying the message got lost in a spam filter someplace.