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Aiko Versa-Hair Pack (with ERC)


Product: Aiko Versa-Hair Pack (with ERC)
DAZ Original: YES

Product Information

  • Required Products: None

Product Notes

* Notes from the artist:
* You can find new icons for loading this product in the following Poser Libraries:
* Figures: “Versa-Hair”
* Pose: “MAT Versa-Hair”

In your Poser Library, under the Figures/Versa-Hair tab, you'll find 5 new figures that make up this hair pak (Bangs, BobCut, HiPonyTail, NeckWhisps & PulledHigh). Three of these figures [Bangs, BobCut, HiPonyTail]include ERC channels that you may or may not be familiar with; this product is one of the first in which we've decided to include ERC technology in this way and to this extent. To become familiar with all that these figure are capable of, we suggest that upon loading them into your scene you first select the “BODY” group and spin the dials that you'll see there. This will allow you to see first hand the controls that we've set up to make these figures easy to use.

All of the figures that make up this hair pak are intended to be conformed to the host figure (Aiko). The default position of a couple of the figures [Bangs, PonyTail] are not the intended end result. In order to provide maximum versatility for your posing, these figures read in at zero (which is unnaturally straight). In this way they can be posed easily by you in a variety of ways. Have fun experimenting!

Due to limitations in Poser, you will notice difficulty selecting the “back” of single sided geometry. (This is because such geometry is not visible to the display camera.) Remember that most of the posing of these figures is intended to occur with the dials in the “BODY”, where this will not be an issue.

Resolved Issues

  • None

Known Issues

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Visit our site for further technical support questions or concerns:

Thank you and enjoy your new products!

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Draper, UT 84020
Phone:(801) 495-1777
FAX:(801) 495-1787
TOLL-FREE 1-800-267-5170

File Listing




VersaHair Null.cr2

\Runtime\libraries\Pose\MAT Versa-Hair

Bangs MapOff.pz2
Bangs MapOff.rsr
Bangs MapOn.pz2
Bangs MapOn.rsr
Bangs TransOff.pz2
Bangs TransOff.rsr
Bangs TransOn.pz2
Bangs TransOn.rsr
Bangs Black.pz2
Bangs Black.rsr
Bangs Blonde.pz2
Bangs Blonde.rsr
Bangs BloodRed.pz2
Bangs BloodRed.rsr
Bangs Blue.pz2
Bangs Blue.rsr
Bangs Brown.pz2
Bangs Brown.rsr
Bangs Burgundy.pz2
Bangs Burgundy.rsr
Bangs Lavender.pz2
Bangs Lavender.rsr
Bangs Red.pz2
Bangs Red.rsr
Bangs Sandy.pz2
Bangs Sandy.rsr
Bangs SkyBlue.pz2
Bangs SkyBlue.rsr
Bangs Violet.pz2
Bangs Violet.rsr
Bangs White.pz2
Bangs White.rsr
Bob MapOff.pz2
Bob MapOff.rsr
Bob MapOn.pz2
Bob MapOn.rsr
Bob Trans Off.pz2
Bob Trans Off.rsr
Bob TransALineLong.pz2
Bob TransALineLong.rsr
Bob TransALineShort.pz2
Bob TransALineShort.rsr
Bob TransCombo1.pz2
Bob TransCombo1.rsr
Bob TransCombo2.pz2
Bob TransCombo2.rsr
Bob TransCombo3.pz2
Bob TransCombo3.rsr
Bob TransLong.pz2
Bob TransLong.rsr
Bob TransShort.pz2
Bob TransShort.rsr
Bob Black.pz2
Bob Black.rsr
Bob Blonde.pz2
Bob Blonde.rsr
Bob BloodRed.pz2
Bob BloodRed.rsr
Bob Blue.pz2
Bob Blue.rsr
Bob Brown.pz2
Bob Brown.rsr
Bob Burgundy.pz2
Bob Burgundy.rsr
Bob Lavender.pz2
Bob Lavender.rsr
Bob Red.pz2
Bob Red.rsr
Bob Sandy.pz2
Bob Sandy.rsr
Bob SkyBlue.pz2
Bob SkyBlue.rsr
Bob Violet.pz2
Bob Violet.rsr
Bob White.pz2
Bob White.rsr
PonyTail MapOff.pz2
PonyTail MapOff.rsr
PonyTail MapOn.pz2
PonyTail MapOn.rsr
PonyTail TransOff.pz2
PonyTail TransOff.rsr
PonyTail TransOn.pz2
PonyTail TransOn.rsr
PonyTail Black.pz2
PonyTail Black.rsr
PonyTail Blonde.pz2
PonyTail Blonde.rsr
PonyTail BloodRed.pz2
PonyTail BloodRed.rsr
PonyTail Blue.pz2
PonyTail Blue.rsr
PonyTail Brown.pz2
PonyTail Brown.rsr
PonyTail Burgundy.pz2
PonyTail Burgundy.rsr
PonyTail Lavender.pz2
PonyTail Lavender.rsr
PonyTail Red.pz2
PonyTail Red.rsr
PonyTail Sandy.pz2
PonyTail Sandy.rsr
PonyTail SkyBlue.pz2
PonyTail SkyBlue.rsr
PonyTail Violet.pz2
PonyTail Violet.rsr
PonyTail White.pz2
PonyTail White.rsr
Pulled High MapOff.pz2
Pulled High MapOff.rsr
Pulled High MapOn.pz2
Pulled High MapOn.rsr
Pulled High TransOff.pz2
Pulled High TransOff.rsr
Pulled High TransOn.pz2
Pulled High TransOn.rsr
Pulled High Black.pz2
Pulled High Black.rsr
Pulled High Blonde.pz2
Pulled High Blonde.rsr
Pulled High BloodRed.pz2
Pulled High BloodRed.rsr
Pulled High Blue.pz2
Pulled High Blue.rsr
Pulled High Brown.pz2
Pulled High Brown.rsr
Pulled High Burgundy.pz2
Pulled High Burgundy.rsr
Pulled High Lavender.pz2
Pulled High Lavender.rsr
Pulled High Red.pz2
Pulled High Red.rsr
Pulled High Sandy.pz2
Pulled High Sandy.rsr
Pulled High SkyBlue.pz2
Pulled High SkyBlue.rsr
Pulled High Violet.pz2
Pulled High Violet.rsr
Pulled High White.pz2
Pulled High White.rsr
Whisps MapOff.pz2
Whisps MapOff.rsr
Whisps MapOn.pz2
Whisps MapOn.rsr
Whisps TransOff.pz2
Whisps TransOff.rsr
Whisps TransOn.pz2
Whisps TransOn.rsr
Whisps Black.pz2
Whisps Black.rsr
Whisps Blonde.pz2
Whisps Blonde.rsr
Whisps BloodRed.pz2
Whisps BloodRed.rsr
Whisps Blue.pz2
Whisps Blue.rsr
Whisps Brown.pz2
Whisps Brown.rsr
Whisps Burgundy.pz2
Whisps Burgundy.rsr
Whisps Lavender.pz2
Whisps Lavender.rsr
Whisps Red.pz2
Whisps Red.rsr
Whisps Sandy.pz2
Whisps Sandy.rsr
Whisps SkyBlue.pz2
Whisps SkyBlue.rsr
Whisps Violet.pz2
Whisps Violet.rsr
Whisps White.pz2
Whisps White.rsr