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Product: Draconian
Product Code: ps_ac2523b
DAZ Original: NO
Created By: Gareee
Released: April 16, 2008

Product Information

* You can find new icons for loading this product in the following Poser libraries:
* Figures: “Gareee:Draconian”
* Pose: “Gareee:Draconian”
* Materials: “Gareee:Draconian” \

Product Notes

  • The .ds versions of the MAT files are located in the same folder that contains the .pz2 MAT files for ease of use. Draconian includes 2 characters, the Body, and the Wingarms. These can be used together, or either can be used for various creature types The limit is your imagination!
    * MAT poses are provided for P5. DS material files are provided for DAZ Studio, and material collections are provided for P6+.
    * Draconian Body:
    * Here are a few tips to get the most out of the Draconian body.
    * You can either load your target character first, or load the Draconian Body first, whichever you choose.
    * Once both are loaded, select your target character's body, and use it's x/y/z translation dials to position it as close as possible to where you want it to connect to the Draconian body's hip area. Hide/Show poses for the main figure (upper body figure) have been provided so “remove” extra body parts. These poses work with the majority of figures available, but in some cases, you may need to manually hide some body parts and/or use the morph dials in the Draconian hip for best results.)
    * Once you think you have it close, then select the Draconian Body HIP part, and use the provided morph dials to “fit” the Draconian body to your figure. (You may need to reselect the target figure, and adjust its x/y/z dials during the fit process.)
    * There are quite a number of morphs in the Draconian Body's hip to facilitate a better looking fit. Be sure to rotate you figure around, and use the buttocks fitting morphs provided to the back fits as well as the front.
    * Once you have the the two figures looking like they match, select the Target figure's body and parent that to the Draconian Body HIP group. This way, the Target Figure's Body will appear to move as if it is an extension of the Draconian Body's hip.
    * Additional Tips:
    * With some figures, tilting the entire target body forward slightly will not only provide a better fit, but will also make the figure look better, after bending that figures abdomen backwards a little.
    * Turn ON “use limits” to get the best figure posing on the Draconian Body.
    * Use the Buttocks groups for major Front-Back leg movement
    * To use the EasyPose controls in the tail, select the Tail1 group.
    * For a simple twisty turny tail, select the tail1 group, apply some TwistAll, and then apply some Bend all or Side-Sideall!
    * Not all tail morphs work well together, and some can be dialed negatively for interesting effects. In addition, not all tail morphs work best with extreme tail posing. Experimentation is the key to best use. rather then remove them due to limitations, providing them with a head's up made the most sense.
    * Draconian Wingarms:
    * Here are a few usage tips to get the most out of the wingarms.
    * For best use, load them, select their body, and then scale them to your desired size. Use the y/z translation dials to get as close to where you would like them as possible. Now use the X-Translate Wingarm dial provided in the body to adjust the x positioning.
    * You may find using the Big Shoulders morph in the body useful for covering up an original figure's shoulders, if you are using the WingArms to replace a figure's original arms. The provided MAT hide pose will work for most figures.
    * A number of Full Body Morphs are provided not only for WingArm style, but also for initial posing as well.
    * The wingarms can be scaled not only from the body but also each wingarm can be scaled independently. Simply choose the left or right shoulder, and scale as preferred. (x,y,z arm scaling is also provided in the shoulder for additional adjustments, as well as x,y,z translation.)
    * To help smooth the connection for character arm replacement a number of joint shape morphs have been added to the shoulders.
    * General Tips:
    * Apply the materials after posing to improve Poser or DS response. Additional mat poses for a Chrome “mecha”-like Draconian have also been provided.
    * To change body colors, optionally remove the color map, plug the bump maps provided into the color channels, and use Poser simple color palette to tint the bump map! (Also adding a complimentary specular color will enhance this effect.
    * If your system has low memory, or is slow, use an image adjustment program (Ifranview is a great free one) to decrease the size of the texture and transmaps. All are currently 3000×3000. Always decrease width and height the same amount, so your new downscaled maps will fit the characters properly. Examples: 1000×1000, 2000×2000, 2200×2200, 75×75
    * Be creative! You can use the WingArms as back wings, replace a figure's original arms, add them below a figure's original arms, use them as a headgear accessory, or just use the Draconian Body with your figure. Heck, you can even use more then 1 Draconian parented together for a 4 legged Draconian, or even a 6 legged Draconian!

Resolved Issues

Known Issues

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