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ForkHorn Dragon Tack

Made for the Forkhorn Dragon by Dinoraul (part of the Dragon Clutches and DragonWorld 2)

Contains 3 conforming tack figures for saddle, bridle and reins. The reins have EZpose technology to make them easier to bend and move.

The saddle has a magnet built into it that applies to the dragon on load. This is to fit the spine of the dragon under the saddle. It should work seamlessly, that is to say .. you wont even notice it happen. DAZ studio users may have to load the magnet in from the supplied prop folder though, since it doesn't handle magnets the same way Poser does.

Aside from that this is a nice normal set. The bend tolerances are greater than that of he figure they are on, so if you adjust the dragons joint limits the tack should still work.