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Thank you for your interest in A3DS Sassy #9 for V4A4!

Designed to be versatile as well as comfortable, Sassy 9 is loaded with features. Using material zones, Sassy 9 is really 4 shoes in one!

Usage Tips

Load V4.
Load Sassy9.
With Sassy9 active, go to figures→conform to→ Victoria 4

Then dial V4A4 morphs, the corresponding morphs in the shoes will activate automatically.

DAZ Studio:
Load V4.
Load Sassy9.

Dial the V4A4 morphs, the corresponding morphs in the shoes will activate automatically.

Render Tips

All of my promo images were rendered in Poser 7. I used neutral lights in medium grey tones.

My render settings are:
Cast Shadows
Ray Tracing on with bounces at 1
Irradience catching at 50 (this setting really doesn't matter for this render)
Pixel Samples at 8
Min Shading rate: 0.00
Min displacement bounds: 0
Use displacement maps
Post filter size: 2
Post filter type: gaussian

All of my lights are ray traced shadows, no ao/ibl was used. I had several props of black and white shapes set behind the main camera at various heights and sizes to provide something for reflections to work with, although only the floor and the boxes beneath the shoes benefitted by this. If you have nothing for ray traced reflections to work from, all you get is black.

The boxes and floor were very simple material settings. The ground mat was set with a black diffuse color (value at 1), black specular color (value at 1), highlight size at .01, Transparency at 0, and reflection color white connected to a reflect node: background color at #333333 and a relfection value of .4

The boxes were trial and error. For clarity and convenience, I've provided the mat file to those of you who are interested. It was created in poser 7, but should work with any version of poser 5 through 7. It will not work in DAZ Studio, sorry. I'm still learning DS.

You can download the transparency mat file here:

Again, thank you for your interest in Sassy#9 for V4A4!

You can go back to Sassy9's page here:

Judy Hayes (Arasii)