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Fun with Ornaments

These brushes can be used for Photoshop CS or higher. You can not use them for earlier Photoshop version.

Please install the brushes into the following folder: Photoshop/Presets/Brushes (or in a brush folder you usually put your photoshop brushes)

Open Photoshop and from your brush menu, choose “load brushes” From the list which opens, choose “karanta_Fun_With_Ornaments_A” and “karanta_Fun_With_Ornaments_B”

Info for copyright and distribution:

All brushes are copyrighted to the artist Kerstin Weihe (karanta)

You can use these brushes for personal and commercial use.

This means for example:

You can make textures for clothes with these brushes and sell them. You can use these brushes for web design and sell your work. You can work on images and sell them.

You may not resell these brushes as they are or use these brushes to make tiling textures and sell or give away these textures as a new set.

You may not make tubes, nozzles or similar things from these brushes and sell them or give them away for free.

I hope you'll like these brushes and you will have fun with them :)

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