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DAZ 3D Bridge


Product: 3D Bridge Plug-in for Photoshop
Product Code: ds_ap043
Build: TBD
DAZ Original: YES
Released: 2009-05-26 \

Product Information

  • Required Products:
    • Macintosh - OSX for Intel, DAZ Studio 3.x, Photoshop CS3/X
    • PC - DAZ Studio 3.x, Photoshop 7 or higher
  • For the User's Documentation for this plug-in, click here.

Product Notes

  • Build 3.x
    • New in this build: - Compiled for DAZ Studio 3.0
    • Fixed Issues: - None
  • Build
    • New in this build:
      • Addition of 30-day trial functionality.
    • Fixed Issues:
      • Memory crash issue.
      • Added a delay to auto update processing on the Mac.
      • Corrected an issue with shared memory locking when auto updating on the Mac.
  • Build
    • New in this build:
      • None
    • Fixed Issues:
      • Fixed Photoshop crash on Mac machines when trying to view the about dialog.
      • Fixed an issue where closing DAZ Studio with an active 3D Bridge would cause the bridge to perform incorrectly when a new Studio was launched.
      • Fixed a crashing issue on pc where importing image maps, then previewing scene at a size greater than 800 x 600 would cause studio to crash.
      • Fixed an issue on Mac where importing image maps repeatedly would result in one of the maps appearing as a blank image in Photoshop.
    • Known Issues:
      • When exporting image texture maps, the DAZ Studio scene is inconsistently updated. When the scene is updated correctly, the preview image in Photoshop may be updated without additional user input.
      • For Macintoshes, the Studio 3D Bridge only works with Mac OSX for Intels and Photoshop CS3 or CS3X.
      • There are some issues with Photoshop CS2 which places dialogs and error messages behind the DAZ Studio window. If this happens, you will need to resize the DAZ Studio window in order to view the dialogs.
      • Mouse over on Bridge dialog may vanish, will reappear after multiple attempts.
      • Auto Update on Mac may cause Photoshop to stop responding until it is turned off. Closing the Studio scene will automatically turn off auto update.
      • Random imports of preview image and importing of texture maps will open blank documents. Second attempt corrects the issue.
      • The 3D Bridge does not automatically start on the Mac and must be started manually in DAZ Studio.

Basic Usage

See documentation for more detailed information.

Here are some basic steps for using the DAZ 3D Bridge Plugin:

  1. Load DAZ Studio.
  2. Load Photoshop.
  3. Load your scene or figure into DAZ Studio.
  4. In DAZ Studio, go to EDIT –> 3D Bridge … The Studio Camera changes to '3D Bridge Camera'
  5. In Photoshop, go to EDIT –> Automate –> DAZ Studio 3D Bridge. A menu opens in Photoshop.
  6. In the menu, choose 'Preview Image.' The DAZ Studio Image Import box opens.
  7. Choose the Pixel dimensions you want and then press 'Import.' The image from DAZ Studio opens in Photoshop.
  8. As you work on your image in Studio, you can in turn press 'Update Image' on the menu in Photoshop to see latest version. You may also add layers to the image in Photoshop.


Visit our site for further technical support questions or concerns:

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