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A4 Animeted

Product: A4 Animeted
Product Code: ps_mo387b
DAZ Original: NO
Created By: Cliff Bowman
Released: May 9, 2008

Product Information
* Required Products: Aiko 4 Base, Victoria 4.2 Morphs++, Mimic Lite, Mimic Pro
* You can find new icons for loading this product in the following Poser libraries:
* Figures: “DAZ People”

Product Notes

* A4 Animeted is a combination of custom MIMIC configuration file and custom Aiko 4 head geometry for use with MIMIC. Both (together or seperately) support the Victoria/Aiko 4 Visemes and the following emotions from the Morphs++ package:
* Neutral
* Happy
* Sad
* Afraid
* Disgusted
* Angry
* Surprised
* A4 Animeted supports the following “characters” as “emotions” which can be placed on a seperate Emotions track to produce very different looks.
* Aiko4
* American
* Realistic
* RealisticClassic
* Stylized
* In addition, support for up to 5 custom characters is built-in to the MIMIC Configuration file - to make use of these customers would need to save an Aiko 4 character back to the Library as a .CR2 file with one or more of the following custom morph names in the head:
* Custom1
* Custom2
* Custom3
* Custom4
* Custom5
* These morphs would then be controllable in MIMIC (including MIMIC Lite) just like the official built-in characters

Resolved Issues

Known Issues

  • None


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