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Xtra Character Kit for Dot

Xtra Character Kit for Dot by dorkati-GHD Xtra Character Kit for Dot by dorkati is available at

Make your own character for Dot (for R-Lina) by using all of these presets. The presets do not include zero channels (except body presets) so you can mix them with each other for more variations. If you don't like what you have created, you will be able to reset selected face parts. The included reset files will not affect any other part of the face, only the selected area will be changed.

Use the presets to create unique characters.

  1. Apply a body shape
  2. Make breast (or mix)
  3. apply a head shape (or mix many shapes)
  4. set the ears (or mix them)
  5. apply an eye (or mix)
  6. apply a nose (or mix)
  7. apply a lip (or mix)


The REM files set zero only selected parts' morph targets. If you have made head shape and eyes and noses, but you want to changes eyes, click the all eyes REM pose file and the eyes wil be defult. If you don't click on REM file which reset selected face part, preset will added to your face. If you want to use exactly same eyes as on thumbnail, you have to use REM file before add new preset.

You can mix the presets, because they are not included zero channels. (only body presets)

Unlimited variations!