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Modern Muses : Bastienne


1. Bastienne was designed on Victoria 4.2. There is no guarantee that this package will work with earlier versions of Victoria 4 and is not compatible with Victoria 4.0 due to the use of transmapping of the brow body part, which is not present in Victoria 4.0.

2. If you wish to use tattoo options and combinations not included as presets, these files are relatively easy to adjust in Photoshop or a similar image editor that uses layers. Be sure to work on a copy of the original files to ensure your original product is not damaged.

The easiest way to do this is to load the map you wish in your image editing application. If you want to load the Nouveau torso map and combine it with elements of the Flora one, paste each of these into a new layer on top of the default (nude, no body art) image map, then simply erase out the body art elements you don't want to use for your image. Everything should line up perfectly.

Bastienne's files were saved with Photoshop's 'save for web' function as jpg files at 80 quality (“very high”).

DAZ|Studio Only

1. Modern Muses: Bastienne requires PWSurface to load the material presets included. The material presets will not function properly without the plugin.

Important note: render times will be longer than they would be with standard material presets!

2. Bastienne is light sensitive. Bright lights can wash out her skin tones. When working with lights, less is more.

3. Morphs for Bastienne should be loaded from your Poser runtime. You will find them in Pose → Surreality → Modern Muses → Bastienne → 00 Morphs.

4. To turn on the eyebrow body part, click on Victoria 4 in your object menu. Expand the body parts until you see the eyebrow body part. It is set invisible by default; set it to visible.

Poser Only

1. The blender node has been used extensively in the creation of Bastienne's body art and some makeup options. As a result, what you see in the preview window may not be true to what the rendered appearance will be. Area renders and draft renders are recommended as necessary.

2. Body art designs are designed to apply either as a full set or in parts. The parts only alter the materials on the body areas that are named in the MAT file. MAT files named 'arms' will not change materials on the legs or back, and vice versa. If you want to “blank out” the tattoo combinations you have already loaded, load the setup MAT file again and reapply the tattoos you desire afterward.

Not all potential combinations are included as presets. Not all options will combine. Applying Flora Left Arm and Nouveau Right Arm afterward will show only the Nouveau Right Arm, due to the manner in which the material zones on Victoria 4 are set up.

3. 'Soft' style makeup options will appear darker in the preview window than they will when they render. These also use the blender node and are not shown accurately in the preview window.

4. Be sure to turn the eyebrow visible before rendering. Pose files are included in the morphs folder to turn brows visible or to turn them invisible with the ideal settings to work with Bastienne's skin.

5. Bastienne has material-based ambient occlusion set up for her skin. Use caution when using light sets that also have ambient occlusion set to on; this can multiply the effect in undesirable ways.

6. Using third party shader systems with Bastienne is not recommended! Many of these systems use displacement on the skin in a way that will 'bloat' the skin and swallow the eyebrow body part, which is very closely fitted over the figure's forehead.