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Modern Muses for Victoria 4.2 Elite / Aiko 4

Modern Muses for Victoria 4.2 Elite / Aiko 4 store page

Usage Tips

Needed Files:

Victoria 4 and/or Aiko 4 from DAZ

There are two versions of the clothes - crosstalking (for easier fit to included clothing morphs) and non-crosstalking (that mostly works in Poser - for more comfortable use with fitting the clothes to custom non-supported or heavily morphed characters).

There are separate custom made fits for Bastienne V4 and A4 characters in the non-crosstalking version - you do not need to dial all the numerous dials to fit to their body shape. Same is for many other custom characters, like Emma, Vanessa, Didi, Alice2 and others.

There are several body parts in the skirt to help fitting it to various poses. You can find them in the Skirt bodyparts list and move them front-back, side-side and twist for better fits. Best of all you start fitting the skirt to a pose by selecting the “skirt” part and twist/bend it to roughly correct place. After that use other handles to finetune the bottom part of the skirt to the pose. Remember that this outfit is more of a fairy tale character so some floatiness in the skirt is an expected effect.

The Top figure also has three handles for better fitting: Bottom - to move the belt ends according to the pose and two hand handles to prevent pokethrough with V4 hands.

You can find many adjusting morphs in the BODY part of the figures.

Due to the loose nature of the Top there might be pokethrough - numerous adjustment and loosening morphs can help with pokethrough in most cases.

The earrings are both separate objects and can be moved separately from each other. I have included fitting poses for A4, V4 and BastienneA4 headshapes. You can use them as a starting point to adjust the earrings position to the head of a character you are using in the scene. Most characters, however do not need repositioning at all.

Most shader-based MAT poses are very dependant on the light you provide in the scene. The promo images are created with 4blueyes IBL Brights and 4blueyes IBL Classic in Poser.

Texture Expansion Packs

  • Romantica, by Arien and surreality, available at DAZ3D
  • Tendre Muse, by Nathy, available at DAZ3D
  • Beautiful Days, by HH Drache Design, available at DAZ3D
  • Bohemian Muse, by 3-D Arena, available at Content Paradise