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DP Veloute Materials For Carrara

DP Veloute Materials For Carrara

  • Required Products: Carrara 3D Express - Download Version, Carrara 6.2 - Download Version, Advance Pack
  • You can find new presets/files for Carrara in the following folder(s):
    • “Presets:Shaders:DP Veloute Shaders”
      • “Ceramic”
      • “Cloth”
      • “Linoleum”
      • “Metals”
      • “Misc”
      • “Roof”
      • “Rugs”
      • “Silk”
      • “DPVelouteHair”


  • After installing this product you still have to load the Folders to Carrara's Content Browser . To load the shaders.
  • 1. In Carrara make sure the Browser is open(Ctrl+B) and Click the Browser windows “Shaders” Tab.
  • 2. In the Top right corner of the Browser window click the “File/Folder menu” icon and choose “Add folder”from the dropdown list.
  • 3. Now browse to where you installed the DP Veloute Material shaders during the installation process. The directory path will probably be something like. “\Presets\Shaders\DP Veloute Shaders\”
  • 4. Click the “DP Veloute Shaders” folder and click okay.
  • 5. If you look in Carrara's browser window/shaders tab you should see the “DP Veloute Shaders” at the bottom of list of folders . You may have to scroll the list down.
  • 6. There is one sample dynamic hair scene file and you will find it here: “\Scenes\DPVelouteHair\” in the directory that you install it.