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Perennial Pookling™ by Thorne and Sarsa

“Nothing could be more mysterious yet strangely beautiful than the Pooklings, those enigmatic, magical creatures with the haunting eyes who dwell in the desolate places between this world and the land of dreams.” -from The Twistyroot Tales™

We are pleased as punch to present to you our pretty Pookling princess Perennial, so named for her enduring quality of endearing cuteness! Perennial (or Peri for short) is the latest addition to the magical Pookling clan, and she comes with custom morphs, all original skin textures, and many more options! (See below for important tips on using the included custom options.)


* Hand-crafted custom face, ears, and neck morph targets * Body MOR and ZERO file for Victoria 4 standard morph pack * Human and Pookling eye fix poses * Human and Pookling proportional scaling poses * Separate INJ and REM files for head and body morphs * High resolution head and body textures created entirely from photos * Two (2) additional gorgeous head makeup texture maps, 3 head maps total * Two (3) complete eyes texture maps * Bump maps, teeth, mouth, and gums map, eyelash transparency map * MAT files for applying all options in Poser 5 and up

Quality Work Always from the Names You Trust for Beautiful Characters

System Requirements/Instructions:

Poser 6 or above, 512 mb RAM or greater is recommended for high-resolution texture maps.

This product is based on and requires the previous installation of the Victoria 4 or above figure WITH morph targets from DAZ3D and an unzipping utility to unzip and install the files included.

UnZIP all files to your Poser root folder. Be sure to check the “Use Folder Names” option.

Victoria 4 full body morph package required for body MOR pose.

Load the V4 figure from your Poser Library. BE SURE THAT V4 IS THE ONLY CHARACTER IN YOUR POSER SCENE! DO NOT include background characters, such as skydomes, or any other characters before applying the custom morph injections to V4. This will avoid any crosstalk problems with other characters. Apply the morph injection poses and texture MAT files which can be found in folder:

:Runtime:Libraries:Pose:ThorneWorks:! ! Perennial:

After the custom injection poses have been applied, other figures, clothing, etc. may be safely added to your scene.

Texture MAT files are included for application with bump maps. Bump maps are provided in .JPG format only.


Because this character is created using CUSTOM morph targets, the eye positions and scaling are adjusted to fit the new face. Most poses available DO NOT REMOVE the built-in eye translations that Poser automatically included when saving a pose. Applying poses therefore may result in the custom eye positions being changed with “eye-popping” effects. THIS IS EASY TO FIX using one of the following THREE METHODS:

1. Special pose files named “5_EyesNormal_FIX” and “5_EyesPook_FIX” are included in Peri's pose folder. Apply this pose to your V4 figure any time AFTER applying Peri's INJ pose to reset the eyeballs to the proper positions and scale values for this character. The “5_EyesNormal_FIX” pose is used when you want more human shaped eyes, and the “5_EyesPook_FIX” is for those big dark Pookling™ eyes.

2. Each eyeball is “memorized” in the correct position by the injection pose file(s). Select each eye separately and apply the Poser menu function “Edit:Restore:Element”. This resets the eyes to the correct position.

3. The last method that can be used to reset the eyeball positions is to simply re-apply the head injection pose. This will not effect the head morph if it is already injected, but it will reset the eyes to their proper values for this custom character (human eyes only- for the Pookling eyes use one of the other 2 methods).


Pooklings are proportioned somewhat differently than humans- besides the ears, eyes, and faces, they have a smaller torso and shorter legs. Special pose files are included to re-scale both of these areas for both human and Pookling proportions. These pose files are named “6_ChestScale_Normal”, “6_ChestScale_Pook”, “6_LegScale_Normal”, and “6_LegScale_Pook”. These poses will allow you to easily interchange body scaling.

Good clothing models with built-in V4 body morphs should work fine with either scaling options with the exception of long pants and/or shoes and boots. Scaling the legs of long pants, and the body for conforming shoe models, to approxomately 92% on the Y scale works to fit these proportions. Alternately you may simply use the normal scale poses listed above to get any clothing with V4 morph targets to fit Perennial Pookling perfectly!