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Victoria's Changing Ponytail Collection


Thank you for purchasing the Victoria's Changing Ponytail Collection.

In “Poseable Hair” of your Figures library you will find new icons for loading the product.

Required Products: Victoria.

This hair figure does not conform.

To use:

* Load from library and position if necessary.
* Set figure parent to Vicki's head and “lock actor”, this way no shifting occurs.

To Parent: With the default Vicki, you will need to make the following adjustments to accurately parent the hair to the figure. These are not guaranteed to parent the hair perfectly to all default positions of Vicki, you may have her saved out with slight differences that will make further parenting necessary.

* Select the Body of the hair figure
* Translate in X -0.0016
* Translate in Y 0.007
* Translate in Z -0.001

When redialing a new ponytail, the morph dials may not automatically appear. Don't worry. Poser just needs a nudge to remind it to refresh the screen. Even the slightest turn of the camera will refresh the dials, and the morphs for that ponytail will appear. The two that use morphs are the curly ponytail and the wavy fall piece (These are dial option 4 and 5).

Files installed:

———————————————————— bangs.obj
———————————————————— \Runtime\Libraries\Character\Poseable Hair\
———————————————————— VC Ponytail -br.cr2
VC Ponytail -br.rsr
VCPC (Vicki 1).cr2
VCPC (Vicki 1).rsr
VCPC Exp (Vicki 1).cr2
VCPC Exp (Vicki 1).rsr
———————————————————— \Runtime\Textures\Vcpc\
———————————————————— VcpcAuburnTex.jpg

How to Change the Texture in DS

This is a fairly old product. It does not come with MAT Poses. To change the texture manually in DAZ Studio, do this. Go to the Surfaces Tab (VIEW –> Tabs –> Surface). Highlight the surface for the hair (VC Ponytail -br or VCPC (Vicki 1) ). Then choose the 'Advanced' tab. The first property is Diffuse. Click the drop-down for the texture and choose 'Browse.' By default, you should be looking in the folder for the textures for this product (…content\Runtime\Textures\Vcpc). Select one of the other textures (auburn, blueblack, honey) and then click 'Open.' Now you should see the new texture applied.

See this site for further technical support questions or concerns:

Thank you and enjoy your new products!

DAZ 3D Tech Support Team
1350 E Draper Parkway
Draper, UT 84020
Phone:(801) 495-1777
FAX:(801) 495-1787
TOLL-FREE 1-800-267-5170