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Victoria's Changing Fantasy Suit


Product: Victoria's Changing Fantasy Suit
Product Code: ps_ac084
DAZ Original: Yes
Created By: Anton Kisiel

Product Information

  • Required Products: 'Millennium Woman' Victoria 1, Victoria 2
  • Vicki's changing Fantasy Suit is actually two posable/conforming clothing figures overlayed and conformed to Vicki. VCFS1: Main Figure & VCFS2: Accessories
  • Icons for loading the product can be found in the following Poser Library:
    • Figures: Victoria Clothing

Product Notes

  • Each body part has alternate versions that can be swapped in by turning a “ChangePart” dial on each part. With each turn of the dial the body part changes. There is even a “blank” option that dials in a tiny spaver that is the equivalent of dialing in a invisible part. This dial is at the top of the dial controls when you select each body part.
  • The Collars and Buttocks do not have alternates and are made invisible or dialed invisible when using alternate pieces for chest and hip.
  • Each of the two figures uses one map containing all the UV mapping for the various body part option for that character. Also, each alternate part has it's own material. Literally hundreds of combinations are possible expanded to thousands with additional textures.
  • Individual obj files can be imported and converted to props.
  • Individual Parts:
    • HIP : VCFS1: 2 outfit bottoms ; VCFS2: 3 Belt buckles
    • ABDOMEN: VCFS2: 4 Belts, 1 Ab Plate
    • CHEST: VCFS1: 4 Tops (sleeves optional)
    • NECK: VCFS2: 3 Necklaces (pendant optional)
    • HEAD: VCFS2: 2 Helmets, 1 Faceplate, 3 Headbands
    • FORE ARMS: VCFS1: 3 Cuffs; VCFS2: lForeArm-2 Shields
    • RIGHT THIGH: VCFS1: 2 Thigh straps; VCFS2: 1 Dagger, 1 Pouch
    • SHINS: VCFS1: 3 Boot Cuff styles
    • FEET: VCFS1: Boot feet
  • The feet are in a default “high-heel” position so that you can used all your flat-soled poses. But as a result,Vicki's shins will poke through a little. To hide this simply scale each of Vicki's feet to 75% and turn them invisible.Then taper each of Vicki's shins to 1%.
  • There has never been a product like this before. So it may be a little confusing, but don't worry. Just remember that both VCFS figures conform to Vicki. If you dial a part invisible you can still select it by passing over the small embedded nugget of geometry with the cursor or just use the pop-up menu below your display window.

Known Issues

  • Known Issue with Patched Poser4: Because this type of product has never been done before, Poser only anticipated that the Male would have an alternate hip. So if your saved VCFS pops in with the hip already swapped it is because of the Genitals ON/OFF tab at the top of your Poser window. This tab is telling Poser to swap the hip for the figure because it thinks it's the male. Not a real issue. Just so you know if it happens.


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