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Thank you for your purchase! Your on your way to creating great renders in Carrara!


Double click your downloaded file and follow the prompts. Select your Carrara 6 directory, in most cases it is C:Program Files\DAZ\Carrara6. The installer will put the scene and textures in the correct locations.

Now you can open Carrara, select 'Open Presets', scroll down to 'RADIUS', click on 'RADIUS' on the left side of the menu, select image of RADIUS and hit OK.

That's it!


There are several options for changing the look of the room. You can access these option in your Instance Window. Click on the little arrow to the left of 'Room' in your instance tab. This will expand the tree. One of the best options is to have walls with windows, or walls without windows. Simply turn visibility on/off to activate your choice. (I recommend NOT having both visible - it may cause some weird rendering results).

There is also a 'column' that you can make visible if you need to hide the central mechanics. Or, you can just turn visibility off for the central mechanics assembly (central_mech).

To turn off lens flares, deselect the visibility option for the instance 'central_lensflares'.

If you would like to add more chairs or consoles, simply duplicate them and move them wherever you like!

To change the aura on the central mechanics - click on the arrow next to 'central_mech' under instances. Scroll down to 'circular_prop' then select the 'Effects' tab at the top of the screen. You can then enable/disable the aura effect here. Hit the edit button to make changes to it. If you want to change the color of the aura, go to shading tab at the top of the screen (with 'circular_prop' selected), you'll then see a shading domain called 'circular face'. Double click the shader and it will take you to the Texture room where you can change the color of the aura.