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V4 Elite Texture: Amy


Product: V4 Elite Texture: Amy
Product Code: ps_tx2145
DAZ Original: YES
Created By: DAZ 3D
Released: 2008-07-07

Product Information

Required Products: Victoria 4 Base

Product Notes

Notes from the artist:
You can find new icons for loading this product in the following Poser Libraries:

  • Materials: “V4Elite\Amy”

You can find new icons for loading this product in the following DAZ Studio Folders:

  • “:People:Victoria 4:Textures:MAT Elite”

Carrara Elite Shaders ReadME Information:

There are two complete shader set's included for each elite character, Base shaders and Advanced shaders. The base shaders use the standard reflection image for the eyes, and do not include subsurface scattering in the skin shaders, these were designed to produce high quality, fast renders. The Advanced shaders use real scene reflection and refraction for the eyes and have subsurface scattering set up within all the skin shaders, this set was designed to produce the highest quality renders using global illumination and indirect lighting, but will take much longer to render.

Both shader types can be used to produce high quality results, depending on your lighting and rendering settings, both shader types can be used with or without global illumination.

In the process of making these shaders, two “working environment” scene files were created, with lighting setup's to produce a nearly global lighting feel, to enable fast rendering of high quality previews. The Base scene is lit using Carrara standard lighting. The Advanced scene is lit using Carrara “Anything glows” lights. You can use these scenes to create high quality images “out of the box”, just load your character and render. These scenes can also be used as a simple starting point for your own work.
If you want to render using Global illumination or HDRI image lighting, you should first delete all lights in the scene. Global illumination usually requires the sunlight system or scene light's, HDRI lighting uses the light information from the image file and does not require any scene lights.
To open the scene files: Open Carrara and choose File/Open Preset/V4Elite/(base scene or Advanced scene) With the scene loaded, you can now load V4 using the content browser.

To apply the shaders:
With your V4 model selected, click on the brush Icon at the top of the screen to enter the materials area. You should now see a list of shaders on the right of the screen, at the top, is a multi-coloured ball, this is the master shader for the selected model. Using the browser window, select the shaders tab and locate the folder skin/v4Elite/ Inside the folder for each elite character, you will find two set's of shaders, (Base and Advanced). select any of the shaders and drag and drop onto the Master shader (the multi-coloured ball). Click the Hand Icon at the top of your screen to return to your scene.
When using the Base or Advanced scene files, the rendering options are set up and ready to go. just click render.

Product Updates

  • Shader error corrected 7/15/08
  • October 31, 2008: the Carrara shaders were updated. If you didn't receive this update, reset your download for this product and reinstall the Carrara files. A Carrara tutorial document was also included (see below). If you have purchased the product since then, you should already have the latest files.
  • 17,June,2009 - Updated Human Surface Shaders for compatibility with DAZ Studio 3

Known Issues

  • None

V4 Elite Shader Tutorial

How to get the most out of your Victoria 4 Elite Carrara Shaders.

These sets are designed to be installed into your main Carrara install folder and the instructions provided will assume that is the case. If not, before you begin you will have to add the appropriate folders to your Browser before proceeding.

Please note that these sets were designed for use in Carrara 6.2 or Carrara 3DExpress 1.1.2 and later. If your version of Carrara 6 or 3D Express is older than that (It will say what version you have on the splash screen.) then please update your copy from DAZ3D's website before proceeding.

These shaders come in two varieties, Base (Which may not say anything or may say Base, in the case of Marie) and Advanced. The difference between the two sets is that Advanced includes Sub-Surface Scattering or SSS. SSS in Carrara is designed to be used with Global illumination turned on in your rendering and tends to act more like a glow channel when there is no Global Illumination.

Using the backdrop and preset lights

Included in this set is a pair of Light, Camera and Render presets plus a backdrop along with your Carrara shaders. Since the presets use Global Illumination the backdrop and floor are used to bounce light and make the lighting more realistic.

To load one of these presets go to your Browser’s Scenes tab. Under the heading of Lights you will find Elite. In that folder are the two presets.

The difference between the two presets is the key or main light comes from either the left or the right. To load, simply double click on the one of your choice.

If you wish to change the texture on the backdrop or the floor you can simply select the floor or the wall in the Instance tab and push the edit button.

You can then replace the texture with either a preset shader or your favorite tiled texture. You can also replace the backdrop and floor entirely with something similar such as DAZ3D’s Multiplane Cyclorama. Just remember this light set is designed with Global illumination and therefore light is designed to bounce. Changing the background may cause you to have to adjust your light levels. Further the “Rim,” or rear, light is set behind the backdrop but is designed to exclude the backdrop from that light’s lighting, so if you intend to replace the backdrop please remember to take that into account.

Since the preset scene does use Global Illumination and settings to really bring out the quality of the Elite textures these renders will take a while to complete, longer if your scene is complex or you have complex alpha mapped hair.

Using the Shaders

In the Shader Room go to the Browser tab marked “Shaders” navigate down to skin→V4 Elite choose your elite character, choose your shader then Drag and Drop onto the big multi-colored ball on the top right. Remember if you are not going to be using Global Illumination in your scene you are better off not using the advanced shader.

Use the little hand at the top of the screen to go back to the assembly room. It is usually best if you then Remove Unused Master Shaders. (This is a good habit to be in when you replace shaders because it frees up memory.)

You can then select Victoria 4 and add clothing, hair and other content to the scene. (If you apply a texture using a Mat pose you should also probably remove unused shaders.) You will likely wish to adjust shaders for any other content you add to the scene, specifically Highlight, Shininess, Bump and possibly Displacement and Glow.

These shaders are set up to work in a wide variety of lighting situations. However since shaders and lighting are interdependent it may be necessary to adjust one or the other for the look you are going for. To do that each skin material zone has a pair of extra sliders, one in shininess and the other in highlight. This should make it easy to adjust for your particular render.

Also note that pure HDRI lighting in Carrara does not produce skin highlights. To bring those out, in conjunction with an HDRI map, it is usually necessary to add a low intensity spotlight or two or other direct light to the scene.

Thanks for reading this. I hope you enjoy your shaders as much as I enjoyed making them.


Visit our site for further technical support questions or concerns: DAZ Support

Thank you and enjoy your new products!

DAZ Productions Technical Support
12637 South 265 West #300
Draper, UT 84020
Phone:(801) 495-1777
FAX:(801) 495-1787
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File Listing

Poser installer


DS installer

V4 Elite Amy



\content\People\Victoria 4\

\content\People\Victoria 4\Textures\

\content\People\Victoria 4\Textures\MAT Elite\

Amy Elite MAT All.ds
Amy Elite MAT Eyes 01.ds
Amy Elite MAT Eyes 02.ds
Amy Elite MAT Skin REFLECT.ds
Amy Elite MAT All.ds.png
Amy Elite MAT Eyes 01.ds.png
Amy Elite MAT Eyes 02.ds.png
Amy Elite MAT Skin REFLECT.ds.png
————————————————– \content\Runtime\








!HumanSurface Base.ds
HDR KHPark.ds
HDR Kitchen.ds
HDR KHPark.png
HDR Kitchen.png













Carrara installer

\Presets\Shaders\Skin\V4 Elite\Amy Carrara\Amy Elite.cbr
\Presets\Shaders\Skin\V4 Elite\Amy Carrara\V4AmyFaceS.jpg
\Presets\Shaders\Skin\V4 Elite\Amy Carrara\V4AmyLimbsB.jpg
\Presets\Shaders\Skin\V4 Elite\Amy Carrara\V4AmyTorsoS.jpg
\Presets\Shaders\Skin\V4 Elite\Amy Carrara\JMEyeTrans.jpg
\Presets\Shaders\Skin\V4 Elite\Amy Carrara\JMLacTrans.jpg
\Presets\Shaders\Skin\V4 Elite\Amy Carrara\V4AmyEyesB.jpg
\Presets\Shaders\Skin\V4 Elite\Amy Carrara\V4AmyEyesM.jpg
\Presets\Shaders\Skin\V4 Elite\Amy Carrara\V4AmyEyesM2.jpg
\Presets\Shaders\Skin\V4 Elite\Amy Carrara\V4AmyEyesTr.jpg
\Presets\Shaders\Skin\V4 Elite\Amy Carrara\V4AmyFaceB.jpg
\Presets\Shaders\Skin\V4 Elite\Amy Carrara\V4AmyFaceM.jpg
\Presets\Shaders\Skin\V4 Elite\Amy Carrara\V4AmyLashesTr.jpg
\Presets\Shaders\Skin\V4 Elite\Amy Carrara\V4AmyLimbsM.jpg
\Presets\Shaders\Skin\V4 Elite\Amy Carrara\V4AmyLimbsS.jpg
\Presets\Shaders\Skin\V4 Elite\Amy Carrara\V4AmyTeethB.jpg
\Presets\Shaders\Skin\V4 Elite\Amy Carrara\V4AmyTeethM.jpg
\Presets\Shaders\Skin\V4 Elite\Amy Carrara\V4AmyTeethS.jpg
\Presets\Shaders\Skin\V4 Elite\Amy Carrara\V4AmyTorsoB.jpg
\Presets\Shaders\Skin\V4 Elite\Amy Carrara\V4AmyTorsoM.jpg
\Presets\Shaders\Skin\V4 Elite\Amy Carrara\V4HiEyeSurfcM.jpg
\Presets\Shaders\Skin\V4 Elite\Amy Carrara\V4HiEyeSurfcTr.jpg


  • This product is optimized for use within Carrara, DAZ Studio, and Poser 6+, and includes the Elite Human Surface Shader (requires DAZ Studio version or higher).
  • This product has 2 full installers for Poser and Carrara each, plus an installer with DAZ Studio Optimized Materials.