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Denise for 3D Universe's Dennis by dorkati-GHD Denise by dorkati is available at

You have Dennis, but he needs a sister or a girlfriend. Now you can get Denise with her own morphs, clothes set and hair variations!

With Denise, you'll get

  • more than 30 new head morphs (with some expression morphs)
  • Denise head and body morphs
  • Skirt
  • Top
  • Shoes
  • different pony tails
  • Handbag
  • Earrings


At first apply !Prepare Denise.pz2, because it will group morphs for better using (P5 and P6) INJ-REM files not set values to 1, only !Denise-INJ.pz2 file. This MOR pose insert Denise head and body morphs only (without other head morphs) There are separate dials in BODY actor to change only Denise Body or Head or may change both with one dial.

Don't conform D HairPT.cr2 (PonyTail figure) to Denise, but set Denise's head as figure parent. This hair is poseable.

PonyTail props (morphable), handbag and earrings are smart parented to head or hand. There are separated props for different colors, but they are smart props so you can change texture with MAT poses too. You can change hair AND pony tail MAT with MAT DenisePonyTail.pz2 and/or !ToonPt.pz2 These files are change texture on figure and prop hair too.

Toon MAT pose set eye tear gone, so you can use with cartoon preview render style in Poser. But don't forget to load new head morphs which include this morph. Toon MATs not use P5 shaders, just set colors instead of using textures.


For face files you need to insert at first all head morphs and Denise too, but set all Denise dial to zero in BODY actor too before use them. Or use included All head INJ file, it will insert all needed MTs and set Denise to 0 in BODY actor. If you want to use these faces with Denise body, you can set in BODY actor Denise Body to 1. It will change only body MTs.

Due to limitations of Dennis' feet, better to twist shin than use side-side at foot. If you twist foot, play with twist dial in D Shoes' foot actors and use fit morphs included there.