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Michael's Morphing Fantasy Beard w/Hair


**Created by: Anton Kisiel designs


Michael's Morphing fantasy Beard is found in the figure folder called: Anton's Poseable Hair

MAT files for color change are in Pose folders called: FantasyBeard… There are two of each. One for the hair and another for Michael's eyebrows. Apply the ones for beard only to beard. Apply the MATs that are for Mike only to Michael

There is also a folder with some sample poses for Michael and the Fantasy Beard which duplicate some of the styles in the ad images. Consider them as bases to examine. Please experiment.

When the Beard loads in poser(be patient), you will notice a circle of red cones around the hair. These are “bodyhandles”. Poser considers them as bodyparts that will affect the hair when they are rotated. Use them with the morphs to achieve endless results. There is a lot of hair but be patient. A good pose is worth it. When the pose is achieved, make the material for the “Bodyhandles” tranparent prior to rendering.

Redistributing for Custom Michael Characters:

Please feel free to distribute the cr2 for the FantasyBeard with your custom characters. However, the obj and textures cannot be redistributed in ANY form however encrypted or protected. Only the cr2 can be redistributed and must be marked under a different name as to not overwrite the original. Also, this read-me must be included along with any additional read-me files.

Thanks and Enjoy.

Anton Kisiel